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Seychelles Securities Dealer license

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Obtaining a brokerage license in the Seychelles in 2020

Advantages of obtaining a dealer's license in this jurisdiction:

  • Attractive jurisdiction for doing business;
  • Availability of tax incentives;
  • 100% repatriation of profits;
  • The ability to order 2 types of licenses for the provision of a wide range of services, including trading in securities;
  • A license for brokerage activities can be issued for non-residents.
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The Dealer license in the Seychelles makes it possible to carry out operations with securities (with personal securities of the company, as well as in the role of agent). Some jurisdictions call this type of license a brokerage license in Seychelles.

Why is it better to conduct operations, when you obtain a brokerage license in the Seychelles:

  • Working with licensed brokers, the client feels much more comfortable. Licensed traders often attract customers.
  • By registering a Seychelles brokerage company with a dealer license, you have the prospect of opening a bank account in Seychelles.

This type of permissions provide the right to transactions with securities in roles of a Principal (on own expense) or the agent (on behalf of customers), also provides such options:

  • conclude agreements for the purpose of buying/selling, subscribing to securities;
  • make transactions with securities on terms of payment of margin, installment plan, other options;
  • act as a trader in securities transactions;
  • make transactions with securities as a dealer;
  • manage a portfolio on behalf of another person;
  • make deals with stocks, debt instruments, bonds, certificates of deposit, futures.
Why do I need to issue a broker license in the Seychelles?
  • Flexible security laws (an experience of Great Britain/Australia was used to create them);
  • It enables continuous growth of the track record (by 10% per year);
  • A political stability;
  • A Regulator flexibility;
  • An enhanced privacy;
  • A corporate tax is 1,5%;
  • It is possible to avoid double taxation, as well as obtain a Seychelles license for a non-resident;
  • A free transfer of profit/capital;
  • A registered capital is 50 000 USD.
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Seychelles dealership license conditions:
  • To register a Seychelles commercial firm in accordance with the Law on Companies of 1972 (for more detailed information you can find out by requesting individual advice on establishing enterprises with IQD Consulting.
  • To have 2 directors (individuals).
  • To have one individual with a license for operations with securities.
  • Mandatory insurance claims must be met.
  • There should be facilities for storing registries, records, etc.

You can apply for a Seychelles broker license through an authorized OCI authority. IQD Consulting team will assist in:

  • Filling out the form for special permits in this jurisdiction;
  • The registration of the licensee's facility;
  • Collecting a package of necessary documents;
  • A feedback from licensed service agents and the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA);
  • Obtaining recommendations on corporate governance;
  • Maintaining registries;
  • A customer feedback;
  • Search for a qualified secretary;
  • Opening a bank account in Seychelles;
  • An account management;
  • Financial reporting;
  • The preparation of budgets and documents for audit;
  • The provision and maintenance of the brand name;
  • Telephone communications.

IQD Consulting experts is ready to provide services of the best specialists, if you are determined to obtain licenses in Seychelles for working with securities.

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