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A gambling license in Georgia

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Obtaining a gambling license in Georgia in 2020

Benefits of obtaining a license in this jurisdiction:

  • A positive attitude of the authorities towards the registration of a company for gambling in Georgia;
  • The government is interested in attracting foreign investment;
  • A minimum annual fee;
  • In some municipalities there is no fee for acquiring a gambling license;
  • The ability to easily and quickly open an account for gambling;
  • Fast process of obtaining a license.

A term for obtaining a license is from 1 to 20 days

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Those, who wish to register a gambling business, IQD Consulting experts recommend obtaining a license for gambling in Georgia, which is rapidly developing and regulated at the legislative level.

The loyalty of authorities to the registration of a company under gambling in Georgia is explained by their high interest in attracting foreign investment.

For more detailed information, we recommend you receive for personal advice on the regulation of gambling in Georgia from IQD Consulting team.

Stages of registering a gambling business in Georgia

Those, who plan to set up a gambling establishment in Georgia and obtain a license for online casino, lottery, sports betting and other types of gambling, will need to do the following:

  • To open LLC under gambling in Georgia;
  • To open a corporate account with a bank of Georgia or register a personal account in Georgia (optional);
  • To apply for a gambling license in Georgia with the Ministry of Finance (both for online casinos and land gambling establishments).
Mandatory payments for registering a gambling institution in Georgia

If you intend to open an online casino in Georgia, then you will need to make following payments to maintain your business:

  • The annual fee for obtaining permission to conduct gambling activities;
  • A quarterly fee (10%);
  • Taxes: an income tax is 15%, a company-tax agent pays tax on employees' salaries and the amount of winnings of players - 20%;
The annual fee for obtaining a license for online games in Georgia is:
  • About 103 600 USD (in Batumi). When placing a gambling establishment in remote regions of jurisdiction, a business owner can be exempted from paying a fee (for 10 years), if there is a newly-built hotel nearby, with a capacity of at least 80 rooms.
  • About 1,800 USD (in Tbilisi).

Those, who decide to open an online casino in Georgia, especially in resort areas, are expected to have a minimum annual fee. In Signagi, Kazbegi there is no fee for issuing a gambling permit.


Those, who wish to register a gambling business in Georgia, will also need to pay an administrative fee, the amount of which depends on the scale of the gambling establishment:

  • From 678 USD to 1,356 USD (a slot machine);
  • From 6 780 to 13 560 USD (a game table);
  • From 4 746 USD (a game table of the online games club);
  • From 8 475 to 10 170 USD (a system game);
  • From 509 to 6,780 USD (an electronic game).

* All prices are per quarter. To clarify details, we advise you to order an individual consultation on the registration of online casinos in Georgia.

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The preparation of documents

If you are going to open a gambling establishment in Georgia, then you should know, that the permission to conduct gambling activities is valid for 5 years.

To issue a gambling license, you will need to prepare and submit following documents to the tax service:

  • An extract from the register of companies of Georgia;
  • A confirmation of payment of the annual fee;
  • The applicant's agreement with the manufacturer of lottery tickets (if you want to register a land gambling establishment in Georgia);
  • Terms of the created game;
  • A document, confirming the presence of a prize fund in the case of creating sweepstakes (not less than 3 390 USD);

If you intend to create a game of chance online, then you will also need to fulfill following requirements of the regulator:

  • a registered address;
  • documents, relating to the processing of personal data;
  • gambling conditions: a list of games, rules, the distribution of winners, terms of payment of winnings;
  • The prohibition of participation in the game of minors.

Terms for obtaining a gambling license in Georgia

Deciding to launch an online casino, as well as to obtain permission to organize gambling in Georgia, you have the opportunity to independently choose terms for issuing a license by day:

  • 1 (a cost is about 678 USD);
  • 5 (a cost is about 272 USD);
  • 10 (a cost is about 136 USD);
  • 20 (free).
How to issue a gambling license in Georgia?

The key advantage of registering a gambling business in this jurisdiction is the ability to open a gambling account easily and quickly.

Consultations on obtaining a permit for gambling in Georgia, as well as accompanying services for registering online casinos in Georgia from IQD Consulting, will allow you to start a profitable gambling business legally. You can order our services at the contacts listed on the site.

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