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A gambling license in Kahnawake

Kahnawake is an Indian reserve, located near Quebec, the capital of Canada. At the moment, the jurisdiction is the most authoritative in the field of gambling. In 1996, the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake established the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (Kahnawake Gaming Commission). In the same year, basic rules and principles of online games were developed and adopted.

Key benefits, when obtaining a license in Kahnawake:
  • a stable political and economic situation;
  • the impeccable reputation;
  • a flexible legislation;
  • a license, obtained in Kahnawake, is considered one of the most reliable;
  • there is an opportunity to attract foreign players;
  • it is allowed to use more varieties of currencies, when converting;
  • lack of a gambling tax;
  • there are no requirements regarding the registration of a company in Kahnawake;
  • the term for obtaining a Kahnawake license is about 4 weeks;
The principles of operation of gambling establishments in Kahnawake:
  • all gambling should be conducted honestly, transparently, responsibly and in good faith;
  • company activities should not be related to crime;
  • all information regarding player accounts must be kept confidential;
  • the operator must ensure, that all players are of a legal age;
  • the operator must guarantee the payment of all money won in full and on time;
  • a software reliability;
  • the information on the site must be reliable and accessible (in English);
  • the site should have a feedback system and tech support;
  • a restriction mechanism should be installed on the site (the number of bets made, deposit, etc.);
  • at the request of the family of the gambling participant, access to the site should be prohibited;
  • all consumer rights must be protected.

Request on personal advice on registering gambling companies in Kahnawake from IQ Decision company. Without the help of qualified professionals, it will be difficult to obtain permits to operate gambling establishments in a given jurisdiction.

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The commission has at any time to check the company for a compliance with requirements, in case of violations found, the company can be fined, suspended or canceled the license.

KGC issues the following types of licenses:
  • Interactive Gaming Licences: for approval by the hosting, which is located in the Kahnawake domain.
  • Client Provider Authorization: for any type of online games, including casinos, poker, etc.
  • Secondary CPA is granted to companies, that want to expand their customer base and enter a new market (for operators, who already have a license obtained in other jurisdictions).
  • Key Person License is issued to persons, engaged in the management function of a company, that already has a Client Provider Authorization license.
To obtain a license in Kahnawake you need:
  • an application for a license;
  • a confirmation of fulfilled requirements of the commission;
  • documents requested by the commission;
  • pay an annual license fee (for the first year) in the amount of US $10,000 (in case of refusal of the license, the amount is returned);
  • a deposit an amount of US $15,000 to cover the costs of considering the operator’s application (the amount is not refunded if refused);
  • the annual license fee of US $10,000.

Experts of our company will provide support at all stages of obtaining gambling licenses in Kahnawake, as well as in solving related issues.

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