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Gambling License (gambling) - Curacao

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Registration of a gambling license (sublicense) in Curacao in 2020

  • A low cost of obtaining a license
  • A high speed license
  • A predictability and the ease of licensing
  • One license for all types of gambling business: accepting bets, a casino, a poker, a lottery
  • An income tax is 2%
  • The cost of obtaining sublicense  20 400 EUR
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Gambling is a most used type of the e-commerce. Firms with this type of license shows its reliability and stability, moreover, this fact indicates а legality of the business. Obtaining a gambling license in Curacao is a great choice for entrepreneurs. Curacao is a small island in the Caribbean, a part of the Netherlands Antilles. This is almost the only region, that is characterized by the political stability in obtaining gambling licenses. Since 1996, the jurisdiction has been issuing gambling licenses and occupying high positions among game license providers.

Also, this jurisdiction is among the first, where the online gambling is widespread and regulated at the legislative level. This overseas territory of the Netherlands has a special status in the EU. Online games in this region are legal, but you need to obtain a license for an online casino in Curacao.

The island is a member of the International Gaming Council, whose code aims to protect rights of players.

A choice of this state, for getting a gaming license in Curacao, has several advantages.

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Pluses of gambling
  • To obtain a license in Curacao means for the company to gain a support, a respect and a trust from customers.
  • A favorable tax laws. Curacao is in a special economic zone (E-Zone), thanks to which tax payments can be significantly reduced. Curacao levies a tax of only 2% of the net profit, while not creating any barriers for potential operators to enter the market. Also, in this jurisdiction there is no VAT, no value added taxes, which makes it more attractive for obtaining a gambling license in Curacao. E-Zone tax law is protected from change until 2025.
  • A fairly inexpensive registration procedure.
  • Curacao offers a type of license, that applies to all online gaming products. It is possible to “sublicense” to third parties (who are responsible).
  • There are a number of related services to help launch an online casino.
  • Minimum software requirements.
  • A quick licensing procedure for Curacao (up to 1 month).
  • A minimum package of documents.
  • There are no taxes on gambling.
  • There are no restrictions on the withdrawal of dividends.
  • It is possible to obtain sublicense in Curacao.
  • Curacao has a very developed IT structure, an internal infrastructure

Licensing is subject to the strict rules of the Netherlands Antilles. Firms must have one director (the individual or a legal entity, a resident of Curacao), a local agent. At least one shareholder is required to register a company in Curacao, there are no capital requirements. The company cannot conduct business in the Netherlands Antilles.

When you have not yet decided, in which jurisdiction you want to obtain a gambling license, our specialists will select the best option for you. We will provide intelligence, on which countries the gambling business is allowed/prohibited, what restrictions exist.

How much is the gambling license of Curacao?

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