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Obtaining a gambling license in Malta in 2020

Advantages of ordering a gambling license in Malta:

  • One of the most popular jurisdictions for conducting gambling activities;
  • Low license fees;
  • Clear and transparent regulation of gambling;
  • The possibility of obtaining a license for gambling, which is recognized worldwide;
  • A relatively fast business licensing process.
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Malta is a small island nation in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta has successfully established itself as a serious, well-regulated European jurisdiction, that attracts the world's largest gambling operators.

In Malta, the first site with online casinos was launched in 2000, from that moment the government created a special body for regulating gambling activities (MGA). Already in April 2004, the official rules for gambling in Malta were published.

Benefits, that open upon obtaining a license in Malta:
  • the impeccable reputation of the state;
  • a stable economic and political system;
  • Malta is a member of the EU;
  • the state provides a maximum protection to the gaming industry;
  • Maltese gambling license is recognized by all European states;
  • a developed infrastructure;
  • the jurisdiction is on the white list;
  • operators with a Malta gaming license can advertise their services even in the UK;
  • it becomes possible to connect to a merchant account (directly);
  • attractive tax laws;
  • competitive licensing fees;
  • the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Malta;
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To obtain a Malta gambling license, the jurisdiction requires:
  • The presence of a Maltese company;
  • All persons with a share in the gambling business are thoroughly tested;
  • The demonstration of technical and financial capabilities for the implementation of gambling activities;
  • A demonstration of solvency to ensure the player wins;
  • MGA conducts a comprehensive check and evaluates the information, provided by the operator, conducts an in-depth analysis of the business plan, which should include a three-year forecast of the company;
  • The operator must check the age of the players (only persons, who have reached the age of majority are allowed to gamble). Checking a player should be carried out in three stages: providing a copy of a passport or driver’s license; a document, confirming the address of residence; a scanned copy of a credit card;
There are 4 license classes in Malta:
  • The Online Gaming License is a remote type of gaming license, issued to sites, that have online casino games in the style of roulette, card games, etc. Government fees are 4660 euros for the first six months, starting from the seventh month the payment amount is 7000 euros per month.
  • Remote betting license is issued to operators, who accept bookmaker bets. Tax fees amount to 0,5% of the amount of committed rates.
  • The License to promote and abet gaming is a license, that is issued to operators, who charge a fee for participating in such games: a bingo, a poker, the betting exchange, etc. The tax payment is 5% of the actual profit.
  • License to host and manage online gaming operators excluding licensee is issued to those, who manage gambling operations. These include: manufacturers of gaming equipment, developers/suppliers of special software, etc. In this case, the tax payment is:
  1. the first 6 months - for free;
  2. the next 6 months - 2330 euros;
  3. the subsequent time - 4660 euros per month.

After obtaining a license in Malta, MGA ordered the company to undergo series of inspections, the refusal of which may lead to the cancellation of the license. These checks are conducted by independent third parties, hired by the MGA. The operator must provide an audit, which consists of:

  • audit data after the first year of operation;
  • audit data for the third year of the company;
  • data on gross changes in the game system of the company;

If you still have questions or doubts about the various types of licenses and fees, ask for personal advice with IQD Consulting experts on obtaining a gambling license in Malta or in another jurisdiction.

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