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How to obtain a gambling license on Alderney

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To obtain a gambling license in Alderney in 2020

Benefits of obtaining a license in this jurisdiction:

  • A developed industry of online games;
  • The casino receives the status of a prestigious legal business;
  • Licensed companies for online games may apply for income tax exemption;
  • No value added tax or a gambling tax;
  • Relatively fast application consideration process.

A term for obtaining a licenseis from 3 to 6 months

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Obtaining an Alderney gambling license will be a profitable solution for opening an international business. In this article, we will consider in detail the features of this procedure.

Alderney is one of the largest islands of Normandy and is one of the crown lands of the British Crown. This jurisdiction is notable for the presence of a well-developed industry of online games - more than 2 thousand gaming platforms are registered on the island, which belong to numerous of foreign companies.

Online gambling in Alderney

All types of gambling in Alderney are considered illegal, if the future entrepreneur does not have a corresponding gambling license. According to the decree of the island’s government on gambling, issued in 2006, only those types of online gambling, that use traditional types of bets, are allowed on Alderney.

You can obtain a license for an online casino on Alderney by submitting a corresponding application to the AGCC - Alderney Gambling Control Commission. This commission is an independent body, not related to the state, which is responsible for regulating activities of the gambling industry under the “Alderney Gambling Act”.

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Gambling license terms

A key requirement for obtaining a gambling license on Alderney is that all online casino servers must operate exclusively on the territory of the Alderney or Guernsey islands. In general, obtaining a gambling license on Alderney takes place in 2 stages.

First stage
To apply for an Alderney gambling license, you will need to follow these steps:
  • To compose and apply for licensing;
  • To prepare and send supporting documentation;
  • To compose and apply for individual certificates;
  • To make a down payment of GBP 10,000;
  • To go through the process of registering a company under gambling on Alderney.

After the application is reviewed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the applicant will need a personal visit to further discuss the possibility of obtaining a gambling license on Alderney. Upon arrival at the meeting, the applicant will be required to familiarize the AGCC with:

  • A ready-made business plan of the company, as well as details of the main activity;
  • Potential partners (business/executive);
  • Company founders.

If the application is satisfied by the members of the AGCC, the applicant will be able to obtain a gambling license on Alderney immediately, after making the full amount of the license fee.

Second stage

Obtaining a license for online gambling on Alderney will also require the approval of the Gambling Control Commission of the following points:

  • A Market Capitalization Status (SNT);
  • Using of gaming equipment;
  • A creation of an internal control system.

The development of an internal control system (ICS) is necessary for the licensee to draw up a detailed diagram of how his company is going to cope with such tasks as: protecting customers' funds, reducing business risks, disaster recovery in case of server malfunctions.

Gaming license fees

If you want to order a license for an online casino on Alderney, then carefully read these rates:
  • Investigation costs are 5-10 000 GBP (charged from the amount of the first deposit);
  • Obtaining a certificate costs 1000 GBP.

After the investigation, remaining funds from the deposit are returned to the licensee. All certificates and licenses, issued by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, are valid for an indefinite period.

The average time to obtain a license for an online casino on Alderney is 3-6 months, subject to the provision of all necessary documents, as well as a payment of costs of the investigation.

A list of license fees

Ordering a gambling license on Alderney will require following types of fees:
  • The approval process of the internal control system (ICS) - 100 GBP;
  • Amendments to ICS - 5000 GBP;
  • The amount of additional deposit - 5000 GBP;
  • An amendment - 100 GBP;
  • A Gaming Equipment Approval Process - 5000 GBP;
  • Additional investigations - 5000 GBP (+ 2000 GBP, if necessary);
  • Conducting verification of operations - 7500 GBP.

The issuance of an “eGambling” certificate of category 2, a certificate of key services, as well as a hosting certificate is carried out after paying another 2 types of fees: first and additional deposits in the amount of 5000 GBP each.

In general, annual license fees in this jurisdiction are 35-400,000 GBP.

How to order a gambling license on Alderney?

If you decide to apply for an online gambling license on Alderney, then the first step towards the successful opening of a gaming business will be to contact the experienced IQD Consulting lawyers. Our experts will advise you in detail regarding the conditions for opening an online casino on Alderney, help you to prepare a full package of documents, and, also, to register a company under gambling on Alderney.

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