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How to obtain a gambling license in Denmark

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To obtain a gambling license in Denmark in 2020

Benefits of obtaining a license in Denmark:

  • A stable economy and a high standard of living;
  • A state is one of the 10 most prestigious jurisdictions for registering a gambling company;
  • All gambling operations fall under the jurisdiction of the European Free Trade Area;
  • The ability to obtain a license remotely;
  • A simplified licensing process.

A term for obtaining a license is from 3 to 6 months

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Denmark is one of the richest countries in the world with a stably developing economy and a high standard of living. This jurisdiction is one of the 10 most prestigious options for foreign entrepreneurs, wishing to register a company for gambling and to obtain a license for an online casino in Denmark.

Denmark is an independent Scandinavian state, located in the north of Europe and neighboring with countries such as Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Features of gambling in Denmark

Previously, for a long time, the country had a monopoly regime on gambling, but in 2019 the situation changed dramatically. The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) decided to open the access to those, who are interested in registering a company for a gambling establishment in Denmark, as well as obtaining Danish gambling license.

Now foreign businessmen have the opportunity to open their own gambling business in this jurisdiction, but they need to contact the Regulator and try to comply with requirements, presented to them.

It’s worth saying right away, that applying for a gambling license in Denmark is not an easy task, because, based on the Law on Gambling and other regulatory documents, At least 8 special certificates will be required, which must be certified by several independent centers. Not everyone succeeds in successfully completing these stages and getting a gambling license in Denmark, but those, who are lucky, will have great opportunities for business development.

Gambling license conditions in Denmark

This jurisdiction offers two licensing options: obtaining a license for bets or at an online casino.

If you intend to order a license for online casino in Denmark, then first make sure, that you meet such following requirements of the Regulator:

  • The applicant must be an adult - over 21 years old, and not have a guardian;
  • The applicant should not have a criminal record and debts to the state;
  • The applicant should not be involved in bankruptcy;
  • The applicant must reside in the country or appoint a resident representative (both an individual and a legal entity);
  • The applicant must register the company under gambling in Denmark or in the countries of the European Union/European Economic Area. An alternative is the presence of a representative office in Denmark.

A prerequisite is the presentation of evidence of the availability of a sufficient amount of material assets, as well as a competence in matters of the gaming industry. The more financial and technical documentation an applicant can submit to the DGA, the higher his chances of obtaining approval for ordering a gambling license in Denmark.

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If the result is positive, the applicant becomes the owner of a full or conditional license within 3-6 months.


If you intend to obtain a gambling license in Denmark remotely, then you will need to fulfill all following conditions:
  • Filing an application for a Danish gambling license - 273,500 Danish kroner (approximately EUR 37,000);
  • Filing an application for a Danish license for combined-type online games - 382,900 Danish kroner (approximately 52,000 euros);
  • A payment of duty and annual license fee costs according to a gross gambling income. If the GGR of the gaming establishment is less than 1,000,000 Danish kroner (approximately 134,000 Euros), the cost of the license is 54,700 Danish kroner (7,300 Euros).
To order a gambling license in Denmark

If you decide to issue a license an online casino in Denmark, then you just can not do without the help of experienced team. Contact IQD Consulting specialists, who will provide you with professional support at all stages of preparation for starting a business in Denmark, in particular: they will help you to register a Danish company for gambling, to open a corporate account with a Danish bank, to prepare a full package of documents for ordering a Danish license for gambling and more.

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