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Labuan Forex license

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Obtaining a Forex license in Labuan in 2020

Advantages of obtaining a financial license in this jurisdiction:

  • Favorable conditions for doing business;
  • Access to the Asian markets;
  • The license allows you to provide services to customers from all over the world;
  • It is possible to establish a company and open an account with a local bank promptly;
  • A relatively fast business licensing process.
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Labuan offshore company is prestigious and beneficial for any business. Below you can find out how to obtain a brokerage license in Labuan (conditions, nuances and a cost of a Forex license in Labuan).

Licensing of Forex brokers on the island of Labuan requires the preliminary registration of a company with a registered capital of at least $80,000.

Registering a company in Labuan and obtaining a license in Labuan takes about 2,5-3,5 months + 3-4 weeks for opening an account on the island of Labuan and takes place in several stages:

  • Registering the offshore in Labuan.
  • A collection and submission of documents for obtaining a Labuan Forex license. All documents must be certified by a notary.
  • Opening an account in Labuan to make a registered capital.
  • The analysis and summarization of AML procedures.
  • A business plan, that complies with the laws of Labuan.
Features of company registration in Labuan:
  • Mandatory is the opening of a local office with 1 resident employee.
  • The structure must have 2 mandatory directors.
  • The beneficiary has Money broking license.
Money broking license is a broker license, that is needed for the activities of a Forex broker. You can:
  • To obtain a broker license in Malta;
  • To obtain a brokerage license in the Canary Islands;
  • To obtain a brokerage license in Hong Kong;
  • To obtain a brokerage license in Latvia;
  • in other regions.

It is important: a prerequisite for obtaining a Forex broker license in Labuan is that the beneficiary has experience in managing client money and investments. During the application process, the local financial regulator - LFSA will invite company employees in Labuan to meet with them and conduct an “interview”.

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During a visit to Labuan, officers will be able to go to local banks to obtain confirmation for opening an account. A mandatory requirement is also an annual audit. The entrepreneur must also provide evidence of an amount of approximately EUR 592,000.

A cost
  • A company registration in Labuan is 2775 EUR;
  • The authorized capital is from 75 000 EUR (from January 1, 2019 it will be from 237 000 EUR);
  • Obtaining a Forex license in Labuan is 40 000 EUR;
  • Drawing up a business plan (optional) is from 10 000 EUR;
  • Opening a Labuan bank account is 3000 EUR.

You can find out a detailed information about a Forex license and find out how to get it, request for individual advice with IQD Consulting experts.

A Labuan Forex license is issued to experienced professionals, so it is considered a quite valuable.

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