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Currency exchange licenses

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Obtaining a license for foreign exchange transactions

Benefits of obtaining a license:

  • Currency exchange operations have a significant space in international business;
  • One of the advantages is the online currency exchange;
  • European jurisdictions are attractive for foreign exchange and cryptocurrency transactions;
  • Licenses in most jurisdictions are issued by the Central Bank, that increases their regulatory basis.
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One of the largest financial markets in the world is the currency market, where banks, financial institutions, that carry out import or export activities, investors, currency brokers, dealers and traders work.

In the modern economy, foreign exchange operations occupy a very large space, as they are associated with the international business. Some time ago, this type of operation was carried out only when going to the bank or in real currency exchanges, but now there are ways to carry out foreign exchange transactions without leaving home. For this, an online currency exchange has been created.

It's no secret, that working with currencies provides many options, since the currencies of different countries differ. But in addition to fiat currencies - real money, there are cryptocurrencies - virtual money.

If your type of business is foreign exchange transactions on the Internet, you are aware of the need to issue a currency exchange license in order to engage in online business.

It is also necessary to take into account, that a license for exchange operations is issued by financial regulators in all countries of the world, but if you also want to provide your clients with the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money, you will need to obtain a license for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

The cost of issuing a license for the exchange of cryptocurrencies is different in different countries

One of the cheapest options at the moment is to get a license for the exchange of cryptocurrencies in Estonia. This license provides the opportunity to carry out foreign exchange and cryptocurrency transactions in the European Union and its Internet space, since Estonia is a part of the European space. You can apply for a cryptocurrency exchange license in Estonia with the help of IQD Consulting. For more information ask for personal advice on obtaining an Estonian cryptocurrency exchange license with IQD Consulting experts or find out here. An important point to consider is the lack of the necessary authorized capital for a license in Estonia.

Our specialists also offer the option of registering a cryptocurrency exchange in Switzerland. This proposal provides for an authorized capital of $100,000. You can find more details here.

Read also:

An option is also to register a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, as in a country, that has legalized bitcoin for business and personal use. If you decide to go to Japan, you can pay using bitcoin in many shops, cafes, hotels. It is possible to register a cryptocurrency exchange in Japan with a registered capital of 88,000 USD. Find out more here.

Another interesting state in Europe is the Czech Republic. It is possible to obtain a license for the exchange of cryptocurrencies in the Czech Republic with an authorized capital of 350 000 EURO. Check out more details here. If you are not interested in working with cryptocurrencies, you can get a license to exchange currencies in the Czech Republic with an authorized capital of 100,000 EURO. In this way you can issue a license for a payment system in the Czech Republic.

The interest is also growing in the question: how to obtain a license for the exchange of cryptocurrencies in Gibraltar. These licenses are issued very carefully, all activities are checked in detail and constant cooperation is needed - the company's interaction with the State structure - Miscant innovation team.

If you turn to one of the most popular jurisdictions, Singapore, our company provides an exclusive offer: apply for a currency exchange license in Singapore. To obtain this license, the authorized capital is not required, but the cost of a currency exchange license in Singapore is much higher, than the cost of a currency exchange license in Estonia. The cryptocurrency exchange can also be carried out by a company licensed in Singapore.

In the Philippines, a virtual currency exchange or a currency exchange (the cryptocurrency) can also exist legally. Obtaining a license for the exchange of cryptocurrencies in the Philippines is possible in about 3 months. Licenses are issued by the Central Bank of the Philippines.

Above states are the most popular options for registering a cryptocurrency exchange. Request for personal advice on registering a cryptocurrency exchange with experts of our company. IQD Consulting is available around the clock, use any means of communication.

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