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A Hungary e-money license

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Obtaining E-money license in Hungary

Benefits of obtaining a license in this jurisdiction:

  • A banking system of Hungary is well developed;
  • Hungary is the European state with the lowest corporate tax;
  • Hungarian EMI license gives the right to carry out payment services and credit activities;
  • A quick process of registering a company and obtaining the e-money license.

A term for obtaining a license isfrom 3 months

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Payment systems are an excellent modern alternative to “ordinary” banking organizations. Many businessmen use financial institutions for several good reasons:

  • a quick registration + the minimum package of documents;
  • the efficiency of transfers to different countries of the world;
  • the ability to open an account for an offshore company;
  • the ability to open an account remotely.

We offer to obtain a license for the payment system in Hungary - a European country, that is a part of the EU.

To obtain a license from a Hungarian financial institution

The issue of registering a payment system in this state is regulated in accordance with EU standards, which means that:

  • You need to register a company in Hungary (analogues of JSC or LLC).
  • To open an account for a company in Hungary.
  • The company must confirm the availability of technical capabilities for the future payment system.
  • A minimum authorized capital is 35,000 euros. Fully contributed.
  • The cost of the payment system in Hungary is at least 3,000 euros (depending on the type).
  • If you have registered a company in Germany, registered a company in Bulgaria or in any other EU country, then you can also obtain a license for electronic money in Hungary, if you register a representative office in Hungary.
What you need to issue an EMI license in Hungary?

To do business in this state, according to the letter of the law, you need to submit to state bodies:

  • a description of the structure;
  • the confirmation of the competence of executives;
  • a commercial plan for several years;
  • statutory and registration documents for the company;
  • documents of the director, to confirm the identity and a place of residence;
  • a description of the risk management system;
  • documents, that confirm the absence of company debts and the fact, that it is not bankrupt.
What you need to obtain a license for a payment system in Hungary?

Do you want to register a payment system in Hungary or in another country convenient for you, where it is permitted by law? Turning to our company, you can get professional help from competent professionals at all stages of the registration. We will take on all organizational issues and minimize the risk of failure.

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