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EMI license in Macedonia

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Obtaining an EMI license in Macedonia

Benefits of obtaining a license in this jurisdiction:

  • Macedonia ranks 10th in terms of ease of doing business;
  • This state is characterized by a stable economic and political situation;
  • Macedonia is a candidate for EU membership;
  • A low corporate tax rate (10%);
  • The electronic payment market in Macedonia is growing rapidly;
  • EMI license grants the right to issue financial instruments and electronic money.
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Macedonia (a full name of the Republic of Macedonia) is of interest to businessmen in the field of electronic commerce. The state is characterized by a stable economic and political situation, is a candidate for EU membership, and has a developed banking system. If you want to open an account for a company in Macedonia or to obtain an EMI license in Macedonia, then using support services in license/account registration of experienced team of our company, this can be done quite quickly and easily.

EMI in Macedonia

To date, Macedonia has not regulated cryptocurrencies: it is not yet possible to obtain a license for an ICO or to obtain a license for a crypto exchange. With electronic money, things are much better.

Banking institutions can issue electronic funds, but there are no developed provisions, that govern electronic payment systems.

That is why entrepreneurs, who want to register a company in Macedonia, to open a corporate account in Macedonia and, most importantly, to obtain a license for a payment system in Macedonia, should be guided by international and EU standards.

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What are the requirements?

According to the requirements of the European Union (EU Directive), Macedonia has generally accepted norms regarding the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. If you want to obtain a license for electronic money in Macedonia, you must:

  • To register a Macedonian company with a local office.
  • You can open an analogue LLC, partnership, open joint stock company. A registered capital is 5 thousand euros. It must be made within 1 year.
  • To open a bank account in Macedonia. To do this, you need to prepare a set of documentation (a registration and a personal), fill out an application, describe the activities, describe countermeasures against money laundering, etc.
  • Managers and directors must have the experience and relevant qualifications in this area.
  • To describe a business model.
  • Documents must be prepared according to AML.
  • To provide the technical side of the work.
  • To describe a user security support.
How to get the E-money license in Macedonia?

Our company specializes in providing support in business registration abroad. The specialists of our company will be able to analyze the situation as a whole and advise the most optimal option, based on each individual case.

We use only a personal approach, because such a solution is the key to high results! For more information, please, ask for personal advice on payment system registration in Macedonia, then our experts will take care of all organizational issues and minimize the risk of failure.

Our company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and material contained in this website.

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