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EMI license in Romania

If you want to start an activity in the field of electronic money and decide to obtain an EMI license, we advise you to consider a country like Romania.

Back in 2018, authorities adopted standards, regarding the regulation of digital money and EMI in Romania.

The Ministry of Finance prepared a resolution and indicated key conditions, among which:
  • a minimum authorized capital (35 thousand euros);
  • the annual audit (a report on which is provided to the regulator);
  • starting a business in Romania no later, than 1 year after obtaining a license for a payment system in Romania;
  • company's executives have the experience and qualifications in this field;
  • a technical support;
  • a business plan;
  • the description of anti-money laundering funds in accordance with EU standards;
  • other things.

An important nuance: if you violate the conditions (you will carry out activities without a license for financial services in Romania, illegally issue electronic money), then the regulator may impose sanctions (a fine or a prison term of up to 3 years).

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How to issue an EMI in Romania?

To obtain a license to issue electronic money in Romania - contact the specialists of our company. We are well aware of requirements of a particular state and will help you to choose the jurisdiction, that best suits your needs and capabilities.

If you decide to obtain an EMI license in Romania, you must comply with the following requirements:
  • to register a company in Romania;
  • at least 2 directors must be residents of the European Union, have the education and an experience in this field;
  • the presence of a real local office (you need to provide a lease agreement);
  • to prove the reliability (founders and directors of the company);
  • to provide the technical part;
  • to protect a customer data (the security policy).

To fulfill all conditions and act in accordance with the legislation of the jurisdiction - use the services of our company. We can help you with the registering a company in Romania, opening an account for a Romanian company and obtaining a license for a payment system.

Ask for personal qualified advice on business registration abroad in IQ Decision company, using any of the feedback forms posted on the site.

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