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A Forex license - Belize

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Obtaining a Forex license in Belize in 2020

Advantages of obtaining a license for Forex trading in Belize:

  • Popular jurisdiction for conducting financial activities;
  • The relatively small amount of the license fee;
  • It is possible to open a merchant account within a short period of time;
  • A relatively fast process of preparing the necessary documents.
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Belize is a state that stretches across the center of America. This region is a delinitent in the field of international finance. In 1981, Belize became an independent, independent jurisdiction, the main purpose of which was the diversification of the economy.

Belize is an attractive jurisdiction for conducting forex business. The state boasts many years of stability, well-organized legal rules, the minimizing bureaucracy.

Activities of forex companies are strictly controlled by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). This body conducts licensing and control of forex brokers. Belize is an offshore pioneering jurisdiction with a high level of confidentiality. This is the preeminent quality for those entrepreneurs, who want to establish a forex company in Belize.

Licenses in Belize:
  1. a foreign exchange trading;
  2. the securities trading;
  3. a brokerage advice.
Special permits are required in Belize to carry out the following activities:
  • the purchase/sale of foreign currency;
  • a securities trading;
  • cash transfer services;
  • a lending, the mortgage;
  • a currency exchange;
  • the monetary intermediation;
  • financial advisory services;
  • accounting services;
  • provision of custodial services;
  • the international protection;
  • the asset management.
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To apply for a license in Belize, there must be a compliance with following requirements:
  • A Belize company must issue a license in Belize;
  • One of the directors must be a citizen of Belize;
  • The director of the enterprise is not allowed to have the appropriate qualifications in the licensed field;
  • The capital must be fully deposited in a bank account;
  • A business plan with a five-year perspective;
  • A bank confirmation of the payment of capital, state fees, a statement.
Benefits of business licenses in Belize:
  • Low rates for obtaining Belize licenses;
  • 6-week licensing process;
  • An opportunity to open a trading account in Belize;
  • a license obtained in this jurisdiction is considered one of the most effective;
  • a jurisdiction is well-known to international banks, payment providers, platforms and financial institutions.
Documents required to issue a Forex license in Belize:
  • a notarized copy of the passport (in English);
  • a paid receipt for utilities (last 3 months);
  • a copy of the educational certificate in English;
  • a commercial plan;
  • 5 year financial forecast;
  • a balance sheet with a description of the forecast.
A price: 13500 USD
  • A payment for filing an IFSC application is 500 USD (as described above);
  • The payment of the annual license IFSC is 5000 USD (Annual payment must be paid before January 1).
  • A payment for submitting all necessary applications is 6000 USD.
  • Registering an account in Belize costs 500 USD.
  • Setting up the IBC firm in Belize costs 1500 USD.
Additional expenses:
  • A local representative costs 6000 USD for 1 year, and 4000 USD from the second year.
The annual renewal: 11000 USD
  • The annual license is $5,000;
  • A company extension costs $1,500;
  • A payment for submitting all necessary applications is 4,500 USD.

Our specialists will provide you with professional advice on registering a commercial firm in Belize, opening an account with registered capital in Belize, obtaining a Forex license in Belize.Registering an offshore license in Belize is profitable due to its price and ease of obtaining.

Our company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and material contained in this website.

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