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Forex License in the Czech Republic

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Obtaining a Forex License in the Czech Republic in 2020

Advantages of registering a brokerage license in this jurisdiction:

  • Popular jurisdiction;
  • A favorable environment for doing business in the field of financial services;
  • Access to the EU markets;
  • Ability to obtain 2 types of licenses;
  • Low requirements for an authorized capital;
  • A relatively fast business licensing procedure.
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Today, most investors choose European countries for registering brokerage companies and for subsequent attraction of the new customers to the Forex market.

Such a decision of investor is explained by the fact that the legislation of European countries allows organizations to enter the markets of the EU countries according to a simplified system.

There are a lot of advantages in registering a company with a European Forex license.

About the Regulator

The state body that monitors and regulates the activities of forex organizations in the Czech Republic is the National Bank.

The main requirement for obtaining a Forex license in the Czech Republic is the presence of a Czech company, since only organizations registered within the country can obtain a license in the Czech Republic.

Requirements to share capital

Please, note that the share capital of a company must be minimum 125 000 EUR (the share capital does not depend on the legal organization of the company).

The share capital required for the Forex activities can be of two types:

  1. The share capital of 125 000 EUR. In this case the company obtains a Czech STP license to provide the following services:
  • storage and management of securities on behalf of the client;
  • portfolio management;
  • issue of securities.
  1. The share capital of 730 000 EUR. With the help of it the company obtains a Czech Market Maker license to provide the following services:
  • operations with securities at the company's expense;
  • issue/sale of securities;
  • financial security of transactions.
How to obtain a brokerage license in the Czech Republic?

The companies applying for obtaining a license for Forex activities in the Czech Republic should meet the following requirements:

  • To establish a presence of a Czech Forex company;
  • To contribute the required amount of the share capital to the Czech Forex company account;
  • To submit documents confirming the legality of the funds origins in the bank account of the Czech Forex company;
  • Leadership positions of the company may be held only by specialists without a criminal record;
  • The company’s office should be located in the Czech Republic;
  • Shareholders owning at least 10% of the shares must have higher education and also should be widely versed in investment activities;
  • The time frame of obtaining a license in the Czech Republic is about 6 months.

It is worth noting that obtaining a Czech Forex license differs little from obtaining a license in other countries of the EU.

Obtaining a Forex Broker license in the Czech Republic also does not imply any requirements regarding the nationality of persons holding leadership positions, which makes it possible to hire qualified specialists regardless of their residency.

Our experts will help you to register a company in the Czech Republic, as well as obtain a Czech brokerage license. We also offer legal support services in opening an account in a Czech bank and connecting to payment systems.

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