Obtaining a Forex Broker license in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has long been recognized by leading experts as the most developed global financial market. The economy of this jurisdiction is significantly different from the economy of China, and the legislation is similar to the British. For this reason, Hong Kong is a very popular place for obtaining a Forex license.

Key advantages of obtaining a Forex broker license in Hong Kong:
  • Prestige of jurisdiction;
  • Highly qualified staff;
  • Financial capital;
  • Reliable legislative framework;
  • Attractive tax system of the country;
  • Transparent regime of financial regulation.

A Hong Kong brokerage license is issued by a regulatory body that controls, monitors and regulates Forex companies – Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong.

SFC imposes rather strict requirements on all licensees:
  • The high requirements for physical assets and liquid assets;
  • The company must be registered specifically for work in the Forex market;
  • Share capital is minimum 5 million HKD;
  • There must be minimum 2 directors (one of them must be a resident of Hong Kong). Company directors must have the necessary knowledge and extensive experience in this field of activity;
  • The company must strictly adhere to all norms and rules of local law;
  • It is necessary to submit a certificate of criminal record;
  • The company must have a registered office in Hong Kong;
  • It is necessary to submit documents confirming financial stability and reputation, as well as a financial forecast for 3 years;
  • The company must have a detailed business plan and financial estimates.
License types

There are 9 license types in Hong Kong. It is worth noting that the Hong Kong Forex License (a brokerage license) is not so easy to obtain. To do this, you need to properly draw up and submit all the necessary documents in the right order.

Applying to specialists, you can easily prepare documents, and obtain a brokerage license without a visit to Hong Kong.

IQ Decision specialists will help you to register a company in Hong Kong and obtain a Hong Kong Forex license for your type of business. Ask for a free consultation by phone or Skype, and our experienced lawyers will provide you with all the necessary information.

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