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A Forex license - Latvia

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Obtaining a Forex license in Latvia in 2020

Advantages of ordering a financial license in this jurisdiction:

  • High level of economic development;
  • Investment attractiveness;
  • Access to the markets of the European Union;
  • The ability to provide a wide range of services;
  • A relatively fast business licensing process.
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For many entrepreneurs, the main factor in choosing a jurisdiction to obtain a Forex license in Latvia is Latvia's membership in the European Union and the opportunity to enter European markets.

Advantages of Latvian brokerage license:
  • a stable economic and political systems;
  • a loyal government policy promotes the flow of investors;
  • Latvia EU membership;
  • the access to European markets;
  • the opportunity to provide their services in other EU countries (for this you do not need to go through the licensing process again, but just get permission from other states);
  • an ease of opening bank accounts in Latvia;
  • in case of refusal to obtain a license in Latvia, it is possible to re-apply after eliminating all the comments;
  • a license in Latvia is issued for approximately 3 months.
Basic requirements for obtaining a brokerage license in Latvia:
  • the minimum amount of the authorized capital, when registering a company in Latvia, is 125 thousand euros, at any time the commission may change the size of the authorized capital, while owners of the company are required to maintain its necessary size all the time;
  • it is forbidden to use intangible assets to form the authorized capital;
  • all shareholders owning at least 10% of the shares must have the necessary knowledge and experience in the investment field;
  • all material resources of the company should be legal and should not cause the commission any suspicion regarding their origin;
  • the company must have a real registered office in the territory of Latvia;
  • the minimum number of directors of the company is two (they must be residents of Latvia). The directors of a business company in Latvia must have the necessary education in this field of activity, an impeccable reputation and work experience of 3-8 years;
  • if you plan to conduct activities in EU countries, you must inform the commission on this (in turn, the Latvian commission transfers all the data to the appropriate body of the state in which you plan to engage in investment activities);
  • all advertising, that the company exhibits, must be true, accurate and understandable to customers.
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What documents are needed to obtain a Latvian license:
  • a statement, indicating the full list of services offered by the company;
  • full information about the owners (with confirmation of the absence of a criminal record);
  • a management structure and the organizational structure of the company;
  • a detailed accounting report;
  • a business plan drawn up for at least 3 years, taking into account the estimated profits and possible risks.

Employees of the company must pass a commission check and only after its approval does the company receive approval for registration in the company’s staff.

With the help of our company, you can register a company in Latvia, open an account in Latvia (for a registered capital) and apply for a Forex license in Latvia.

Our company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and material contained in this website.

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