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A Forex license - Great Britain

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Obtaining a Forex license in England in 2020

Advantages of obtaining a license for forex trading in the UK:

  • Prestigious jurisdiction with a high level of economic development and a modern financial sector;
  • The license makes it possible to provide a wide range of services for customers from all over the world;
  • It is possible to register a company and open an account with a local bank within a short period of time;
  • A relatively fast business licensing process.
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Recently, Forex has become increasingly popular in many countries, especially in the countries of the Union of Independent States. The reasons for this popularity are quite simple - this is the desire to earn more, the prohibition of casinos, the lack of a developed stock market.

The most prestigious and authoritative is obtaining a British license (along with a US license). The UK has earned its status due to the strict regulation of the financial market.

The main supervisory authority for all financial service providers in the United Kingdom is the Financial Conduct Authority. The work of the FCA does not depend on the government of the country, as it is financed by charging fees from members of the financial services industry. The Financial Conduct Authority has significant authority, including protecting the rights of consumers/customers in Britain, providing guarantees to market participants, and setting minimum product requirements.

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To obtain a broker financial license in the UK, you need to open a British company.

To work in such areas, you need to obtain a British license for:
  • a purchase/sale of currency (Forex);
  • a purchase/sale of securities (on a margin basis);
  • activities with futures contracts;
  • the access to online trading;
  • advisory services (on finance);
  • the asset management;

According to the FCA, working in the Forex market is the best business, so companies (which to obtain for a British license) have quite stringent requirements, especially regarding staff. The director of the company must confirm the professional level of the training, experience and knowledge of the financial market industry, where he is going to engage in professional activities. During the company’s activities, the director must work in the UK (the director’s place of residence can be verified by FCA staff). If the company is managed outside the United Kingdom, the license cancellation is possible. The office of the company should be located in Britain and should be fully equipped for work (Internet, phone, etc.)

In order to start a business in Britain, there must be at least one director and the compliance (cooperates with the regulator regarding the work of the company and the implementation of all legislative acts).

Depending on the services, that the company provides, the amount of the authorized capital varies:
  • if the company uses funds of the client, the amount of capital is 100,000-125,000 pounds;
  • if the company uses its funds in the work, then the amount of capital varies from 730 thousand pounds to 1 million pounds

The authorized capital is deposited to the bank account at the time of submitting the package of documents to the regulator (the use of these funds in the company’s work is prohibited).

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