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ICO license in Labuan

Labuan (Malaysia) is a jurisdiction, that provides a wide range of opportunities for businessmen from different countries. A comfortable taxation, the absence of requirements, regarding the residence of managers, the access to new markets and other advantages made Labuan a good option for the entrepreneurship. If you want to start a business in Labuan, then our lawyers will be able to help you in this matter. We provide support in company registration in Labuan, opening an account in Labuan, obtaining a license for a crypto exchanger on Labuan, obtaining a license for a payment system in Labuan, obtaining an ICO license in Labuan.

ICO is a popular type of business, that can be legalized and made safe based on current legislation.

If you want to obtain an ICO license in Labuan, you must meet such requirements:
  • The availability of a profitable business (valid minimum 3 years), or “A new project”, based on fintech or blockchain.
  • A business model, that is suitable for a tokenization.

In addition, those, who wish to obtain an ICO license on Labuan, must confirm the presence of a contributed capital of $300,000.

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We offer assistance in organizing an ICO in Labuan

A turnkey solution from IQ Decision due diligence, the assistance in writing a business plan, the assistance with technical guidance, a paperwork

  • A registration and the application;
  • The assistance in the selection of office space and a support in confirming compliance with the law after obtaining a license for an ICO in Labuan.

A cost

  • from 50 thousand EUR (depending on the case);

  • 2,5 thousand EUR;

  • Min 2,5 thousand EUR (depending on the amount of work).

The list of services, if the customer provides the necessary documentation

  • The identification, according to the policy, called “Know Your Client” (a preparation, execution and submission of necessary documents to the Financial Department).

  • A revision of the business plan and its editing.

  • The application form.

  • The assistance in the rental of office space, a help in the registration of legal address.

  • 10 thousand EUR;

  • Min 2 thousand EUR (depends on the complexity of the project);

  • 2, 5 thousand EUR;

  • Min 2,5 thousand EUR (depends on the required amount of work);

  • 5,5 thousand EUR.

To register a company in Labuan

  • a state collection to the Financial Department;

  • a service in a secretarial company (12 months);

  • a legal address (12 months);

  • five packages of certified documentation;

  • the assistance in selecting a company name;

  • a production of printing;

  • the assistance in the paperwork for opening an account in Labuan.

To open a corporate account in Labuan

  • from 1 thousand EUR.

If you want to ask for legal support in obtaining an ICO license in Labuan - contact the specialists of our company at numbers, indicated on our Internet resource. We will help you to solve assigned tasks!

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