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“Investment Advisor” license in the Seychelles

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Obtaining an investment license in the Seychelles in 2020

Advantages of applying for an Investment Advisor License in this jurisdiction:

  • Favorable conditions for doing business;
  • Tax incentives;
  • Minimum requirements for an authorized capital;
  • The ability to provide investment services to funds and private wealthy individuals;
  • A relatively fast business licensing process.
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Registering a Seychelles “Investment Advisor” license will give an opportunity to work globally (the advisor for Funds, Family Business or HNWI, means “individuals with large fortunes”).

For the wealth of investment groups and for HNWI it is very important, who will make investment decisions, structure options and provide them. If you work by proxy, you will need to obtain the “Investment Advisor” license. With this kind of permission, you can manage your clients investment portfolio.

Investment permits provide an opportunity:
  • To advise clients on safe investing;
  • To receive, analyze and prepare specific reports for clients;
  • Participate in investing, representing the interests of other people.
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Why is it profitable to apply for the investment license in the Seychelles?
  • A low registered fund (USD 25,000);
  • A low cost of license;
  • 1,5% is a tax for the entrepreneurial activity;
  • The good regulation in this jurisdiction;
  • The licensing process is faster, than in most jurisdictions.

If you are not familiar with unique legal requirements of this jurisdiction, it can be quite difficult to formalize it yourself. We can offer you our qualified advice on obtaining a Seychelles license:

  • Registering an investment company in Seychelles;
  • Preparing of all necessary application forms;
  • A submission of completed forms to relevant government agencies;
  • An office registration in this jurisdiction;
  • A maintenance of the office/firm as a whole (reporting, organizing an annual audit);
  • Checking all necessary documentation;
  • The organization of General Meetings;
  • A creation, a maintenance of registers;
  • A service “to open a bank account in Seychelles”;
  • A service "drawing up contracts" (in our state there is a corporate lawyer licensed in Seychelles).
The cost of a license in the Seychelles will be from 19,000 USD.

IQD Consulting specialists are ready to provide you with more detailed license information. If you are ready to transgress, on the basis of your business plan we will select one of the most reasonable license option for you, consider your documents for applying for an “Investment License” in Seychelles.

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