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Cayman Islands ICO license

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Obtaining a license for cryptocurrency activities in the Cayman Islands in 2020

Advantages of obtaining an ICO license in this jurisdiction:

  • Attractive conditions for doing business;
  • Developed banking sector;
  • The country has a special regulatory regime for virtual currencies;
  • Relatively simple conditions for obtaining a cryptocurrency exchange license;
  • Minimum requirements for a package of necessary documents.
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Cayman Islands (other names: Cayman Island, Cayman Islands) - the overseas territory of Britain.

A capital is Georgetown.

A currency is Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD).

English language is an official.

Islands are characterized by a political and economic stability, favorable conditions for doing business.

Developed areas are: a tourism, a banking, corporate and legal services.

There is no currency control.

Not included in the EU blacklist.

Caymans are an interesting option for businessmen, who want to engage in crypto activities and have decided to obtain a license for ICO on the Cayman Islands.

Such activities are permitted by a law and regulated at the state level. Conditions and requirements in the Cayman Islands for obtaining a Cayman license for a crypto exchange are somewhat different from other jurisdictions.

The definition of the token itself can be as follows:
  • a security paper;
  • a payment instrument.

If you decide to register a company for an ICO in the Caymans and to obtain a Cayman license for an ICO - contact our experienced and competent lawyers.

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What you need to obtain a license for the cryptocurrency exchange in the Cayman Islands:
  • To register a company in the Cayman Islands.
  • To open an account for a company in the Caymans.
  • The presence in the structure of the company of experienced and qualified employees (an employee must be hired to supervise the compliance of activities with respect to the Law on Combating Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism).
  • To provide technical capabilities and a related software (our specialists can help to develop a software for ICO);
  • To prepare a set of necessary documents.
AML policy for cryptocurrency exchange

Every entrepreneur, who decided to open a Cayman cryptocurrency exchange, should carefully study the legislation of the selected state, including an anti-laundering policy. Often, businessmen, wishing to obtain an ICO license in the Cayman Islands, are required to:

  • perform due diligence;
  • keep records;
  • improve staff skills;
  • minimize risks of financial fraud;
  • notify government agencies of suspicious transfers and record them.

How to register a company under an ICO in the Caymans and to obtain a license for the exchange of cryptocurrency in the Caymans?

Want to start a crypto business? Specialists of our company will advise on organizing a business in the country of interest to you. We provide support at all stages of the process. Find out more details by phone, which are posted on the site, or using any other convenient form of communication for you.

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