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Labuan cryptocurrency license

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Obtaining a cryptocurrency exchange license in Labuan in 2020

Advantages of obtaining a license for cryptocurrency activities in Labuan:

  • Prestigious jurisdiction;
  • Attractive taxation conditions;
  • Access to the Asian markets;
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • Relatively simple conditions of business licensing.
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Labuan helps attract everyone, who is interested in opening a crypto-exchanger in Malaysia. This is a low tax jurisdiction, in which you can start a business with one hundred percent foreign ownership. The crypto exchange can conduct legal activities in accordance with the laws of jurisdiction, under the control and regulation of the Labuan Financial Services Authority.

Request for personal advice on registering a crypto exchanger and obtain a license for a crypto exchanger in Labuan from IQD Consulting company. Do not forget, that you must comply with rules and carry out your activities in accordance with the law on combating money laundering in Malaysia, so that your business is profitable and promising.

Businessmen can create their own currency exchange model or use following types of cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • one type of cryptocurrency to another type of cryptocurrency;
  • cryptocurrency fiat currencies;
  • cryptocurrencies for fiat currency.

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Fiat Currency Transactions

Digital Currency Trading

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Key benefits
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • lack of local agents;
  • income tax is 3%;
  • lack of royalties, dividends, currency control;
  • no capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes.
  • no tax on dividends.
Also, for entrepreneurs are open such opportunities:
  • the access to 70 double tax treaties;
  • foreign workers pay 50% of the fees, and directors are fully exempt from paying duties.
  • an opportunity to get a Malaysian visa for 2 years.

Businessmen, who contact us for assistance in issuing a Labuan license, must comply with following conditions:

  • granting permissions for crypto exchange in other jurisdictions;
  • an experience not less than 1 year;
  • the capital is $1,000,000.
A support in registering the Malaysian license

Turning to IQD Consulting, you will receive legal support in organizing a crypto exchange in Labuan - in a convenient and profitable jurisdiction for doing business. We will also provide support at all stages of this process. For details, contact our employees by calling on the company's website.

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