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The online casino license in Belarus

The online casino is an area, that has rapidly filled the Internet with its popularity. More recently, the Republic of Belarus issued and signed a decree on the regulation of gambling. Lawyers of IQ Decision will be able to help you, if you wish to obtain a license for an online casino in Belarus, since gambling has been legalized in this state.

It is possible to open a gambling business in the Republic of Belarus officially from March 19, 2019. IQ Decision lawyers recommend starting to prepare all documentation now in order to speed up the process of registering online casinos in Belarus.

Basic requirements, if you are considering opening an online casino in Belarus:
  • The presence on the territory of the Republic of Belarus of a physical casino and its operation for 2 years by the time of the opening an online casino. Since legal entities, that have not previously carried out activities in the field of gambling, cannot obtain a license for this type of activity.
  • A resident of the country has the right to open an online casino in Belarus.
  • There are no minimum share capital requirements.
  • The name of the gambling establishment must be entered on the corresponding website, developed by the regulator of the gambling business in Belarus.
  • In the near future, the Council of Ministers of Belarus will indicate, how much should be kept on an open account in a bank of Belarus by an entrepreneur, who wants to apply for a gambling business in Belarus. This requirement will be binding.
  • A payment of a state duty in the amount of 12,250 BYN (approximately 6,000 US dollars) for issuing a license for the gambling business in Belarus.
  • The compliance of the gambling establishment with requirements, defined by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Managers or deputies of the company, that plans to obtain a license for an online casino in Belarus, should have at least 3 years of experience in this area.
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Required documents:
  • A certificate of good conduct;
  • The confirmation about the absence of any administrative sanctions for preventing the legalization of proceeds of crime;
  • An application for a gambling license in the Republic of Belarus;
  • The confirmation of a payment of state duty;
  • A copy of the workbook of the head or deputy head;
  • A copy of the document, confirming the registration of a virtual gambling enterprise in Belarus;
  • A copy of the expert opinion, confirming the compliance of the virtual gambling establishment with all specified requirements, if you want to obtain a license for an online casino in Belarus;
  • Identity documents of the beneficiary and deputy heads;
  • A document, that confirms the compliance of the protection of the information system of a virtual casino with all requirements of the regulator.

Lawyers of IQ Decision will hold a consultation in order to successfully open a gambling establishment in Belarus and in the future to obtain a license for the maintenance of a virtual gambling establishment in the territory of this state.

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