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To obtain a financial license in Mauritius

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Obtaining a financial license in Mauritius in 2020

Advantages of obtaining a license for financial activities in this jurisdiction:

  • Favorable business environment;
  • The country is not included to the «black lists»;
  • Availability of tax incentives;
  • It is possible to provide a wide range of payment services;
  • A relatively simple business licensing process.
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Mauritius is a prosperous offshore zone whose financial market is gaining momentum in development thanks to innovative approaches and an extensive range of offshore services. Recently, this island has become quite an attractive jurisdiction for entrepreneurs, who want not only to register a commercial firm in Mauritius, but also obtain a Mauritius financial license. If you are looking for a jurisdiction with strong privacy rules and tax-free features, registering a company in Mauritius can be one of the good choices for starting an international business.

If you are making a choice among jurisdictions with tax-exempt functions and a high level of confidentiality, then setting up businesses in Mauritius is the choice you will not regret. By applying for a Mauritius financial license, you have the following options:

  • To operate as an online payment service provider (PSP);
  • To offer online services for electronic payments;
  • To open access to customers for their debit cards with the ability to manage incoming/outgoing payments directly through correspondent banks;
  • To charge a fee for opening an account in Mauritius, for incoming/outgoing transfers;
  • To provide the account information to their owners;
  • To provide online banking for individuals/legal entities;
  • To issue debit cards.

The body that oversees the activities of offshore companies and licensing is the Mauritius Financial Services Commission. Request personal advice on registering offshore companies or obtaining financial licenses for Mauritius from experienced IQD Consulting team. Our experts will provide full support for the licensing process, as well as prepare all documents.

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To apply for a financial Mauritius license, you must submit:
  • A photocopy of a passport;
  • A photocopy of the bank statement, which confirms the name, an address;
  • A certificate of good conduct.

The process of registering a financial license in Mauritius takes from 8 weeks with an obligatory presence of an authorized capital of $15,000.

The financial license applies to work as an online payment service provider (PSP). By issuing a financial license in Mauritius, prospects open up for you to offer online services for receiving electronic payments (while the form of payment can be varied). Registering an enterprise in Mauritius with further obtaining a license is a good option for business due to a stable political system and the sustainable economic growth.

Also, for those, who want to open a business in Mauritius or to obtain a Mauritius license, the attractiveness of the island is determined by the use of international standards in the process of financial licensing and in the banking sector. The island government also monitors and applies advisory laws to combat money laundering or to combat a support for criminal activity.

IQD Consulting competent experts will provide you with qualified advice on how to open an offshore on the island of Mauritius, as well as how to obtain a financial license on the island of Mauritius.

Our company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and material contained in this website.

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