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Basics of obtaining a gambling license in Macau

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Obtaining a gambling license in Macau in 2020

Benefits of obtaining a license in this jurisdiction:

  • A support for gambling activities of the People’s Republic of China and the UAR;
  • A significant investment flow from foreign entrepreneurs;
  • No tax on winnings;
  • All kinds of gambling are allowed in Macau.
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The opportunity is given to conclude concession agreements between authorities and PLC representatives in Macau, which will subsequently assist in conducting the gambling business in Macau. To obtain the Macau gambling license, pay attention to such facts:

  • The company must have a managing director (a resident) with 10% of the authorized fund;
  • One of the key factors for obtaining a license in Macau is the company's reputation;
  • A legitimate gambling business requires a capital of 200 million packs;
  • An entrepreneurial activity may be suspended with the permission of authorities;
  • The use of digital assets for gambling is prohibited;
  • All game activity takes place in non-residential premises, it is also allowed to conduct it on board an aircraft or ship registered in Macau, in the customs clearance area of ​​international flights.

And no less important aspect - all gambling activities should take place in non-residential premises, however, there is the possibility of conducting activities on board an aircraft or sea ship, registered in Macau, as well as in customs clearance area for international flights of Macau International Airport.

A legal regulation

Gambling activities are carried out in this jurisdiction in accordance with the Civil Code, the Law on Combating Money Laundering, the Law on Gambling. The latter, also, explains how to obtain a license for gambling in Macau. The Bureau of Control and Gambling (DICJ) oversees gambling.

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A duration of gambling permits in Macau

Obtaining a license for gambling in Macau is a temporary phenomenon (valid for 20 years). Sometimes there is an extension to 25 years.

Please note: when planning to obtain a license for gambling in Macau, remember, that previously issued permits by authorities can be canceled, if concession agreements or legal provisions have been violated. Gambling permissions apply to:

  • Gaming machines;
  • Gambling board;
  • Lotteries;
  • Sports betting;
  • Online casinos.

Those, who are interested in obtaining gambling permits in Macau, we inform, that there are restrictions on the promotion/advertising of gambling.

Tax duties

If you are going to get a gambling license in Macau, you need to pay a gaming tax of 35%. Moreover, game operators must also pay:

  • 1.6% of the income should be given to the development of culture and science;
  • 2,4% - in urban infrastructure;
  • The annual fee of $30 000 000 USA;
  • 300 000 patacs for the VIP table;
  • 150 000 patacs for each board game;
  • 1 000 patacs for each slot machine.

Please note, that the government branch of this jurisdiction wants to exempt concessionaires/subconcessionaires from an income tax, which will lead to even greater interest in obtaining licenses in Macau.

Online games

The Gambling Act implies, that casino gambling permissions do not apply in the online space. That is, all forms of online games are illegal here (except for sports betting in Jockey clubs).

IQD Consulting team of specialists will assist in acquiring a license for gambling in Macau, will, also, provide assistance in registering a gambling firm in Macau.

Our company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and material contained in this website.

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