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Malta’s payment license

Malta is a convenient jurisdiction to set up electronic financial institution. Payment institutions can create their own business, which will be based on the provision of electronic banking services. To carry out such activities, it is necessary to register a company in Malta and to obtain a license for the payment system in Malta.

If you want to establish a company in Malta, issuing electronic funds, then you can contact our company for a professional help.

We will prepare for you all necessary documents, regarding the registration of a company in Malta and obtaining an EMI license in Malta, we will take over the interaction with the state regulator and provide assistance at all stages of this process.

Jurisdiction benefits

Malta has a modern regulatory framework in the field of financial services and is an advanced state, that has already regulated e-commerce at the legislative level. In addition, regulations provide the possibility of developing new products by payment systems.


The MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority) is the main financial regulator, that licenses and supervises electronic institutions.

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Activities of Electronic Money Institution in Malta

If you decide to open a company in Malta and want to obtain a license for electronic money in Malta, you can carry out the following activities:

  • issue and establish electronic money;
  • provide payment services, that are listed in laws;
  • provide loans, that are related to payment for services;
  • other things.
How to register an EMI company in Malta?

Those, who want to start a business in Malta, should be aware, that two types of licenses can be registered in this jurisdiction:

  • a classic Maltese EMI (the registered capital is 350 thousand euros);
  • a small Maltese EMI (no clearly defined share capital).

The main difference is that holders of a small E-money license in Malta cannot issue electronic money in other EU countries.

How to get a license for electronic money in Malta?

Lawyers and financial consultants of our company have a real experience in registering a business in Malta. For more information ask for personal advice on the Maltese company registration (whose activities will be related to electronic payments), and we will solve all organizational issues. The term for issuing a license in Malta is approximately 6 months.

Important nuances: you need a real Maltese office, an annual financial reporting and the auditing

If you decide to obtain a license for electronic payments in Malta, then contact our specialists by phone numbers listed on the website.

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