Obtaining an STP license in Cyprus

Since, the Cyprus is a member of the EU, European standards apply to this jurisdiction and the laws governing financial activities comply with the MiFID. For this reason, obtaining an STP broker license in Cyprus seems to be such a profitable licensing option that allows you to secure your business and make it more reliable.

The licensing of brokerage organizations in Cyprus is carried out by the CySEC, a financial regulator that monitors investment companies, brokers, funds and other entities operating in the Republic of Cyprus.

STP License (Straight Through Processing)

STP broker license in Cyprus is suitable for those enterprises that plan to conduct business on behalf of their clients. It allows the holder to keep the client’s funds and his securities, as well as execute orders and administer a securities portfolio.

Obtaining an STP License

As noted above, CySEC is responsible for licensing of financial institutions in Cyprus. To order an STP broker license in Cyprus, first you need to set up a Cyprus company for financial activities, register a local office and hire employees.

Obtaining a license for electronic payment services: package of documents

An application for ordering an STP license in Cyprus must be supported by a manual on conducting internal operations, a business plan, a financial forecast, a manual on AML Compliance, and other documents, the list of which is presented below:

  • Bank statement confirming the availability of the necessary capital;
  • Summaries of directors and shareholders;
  • Education Certificates of directors (copies);
  • Notarized copies of passports of key individuals, as well as utility bills, letters of recommendation from lawyers and banks.

CySEC is entitled to request additional documents, clarifications and details. Consideration of the application is suspended until the applicant company has submitted all the necessary information.

The regulator can issue an STP license in Cyprus within 6 months from the date of application, and notifies the applicant of its decisions.

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Financial Requirements for obtaining a Cyprus STP license

It should be noted that a month before submitting documents to the CySEC, an applicant must contribute a minimum capital of 125,000 EUR on company’s account.

Staff requirements

The staff recruitment must be discussed separately. In order to obtain a Cyprus STP license, you need to hire employees which will hold the relevant positions and will have to pass CySEC approval as appropriate in terms of knowledge and reputation:

  • Four directors, including the managing director (three of them must be residents of Cyprus);
  • Head for each department (dealing, sales, back office, etc.);
  • Risk manager and AML compliance officer;
  • Accountant;
  • Internal and external auditors;
  • External legal advisors.

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If you need legal assistance in resolving issues related to obtaining of brokerage licenses in Cyprus, IQ Decision experts are ready to provide you with qualified legal advice on licensing of brokerage organizations. In the process of licensing we will consider the client’s business plan and the documents he has, and will give precise recommendations regarding what to do next.

Moreover, we draw your attention to the fact that our company offers a full package of services for brokerage firms in Cyprus. We help our clients at all stages of establishing a Cyprus broker company. We can assist you in collecting the necessary documents, going through an interview with the regulator, opening an account in the name of a company, and providing other legal services.

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