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To obtain an ICO license in Slovenia

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Obtaining an ICO license in Slovenia in 2020

Advantages of obtaining a crypto license in this jurisdiction:

  • A favorable environment for doing business in the field of financial services;
  • There are no requirements for acquiring a license for cryptocurrency activities;
  • It is possible to provide services within the country;
  • There are no requirements for the payment of corporate tax and capital gains tax in relation to crypto companies.
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More and more businessmen are showing interest in cryptocurrency activities. Authorities of various states, understanding the prospect of this technological progress, are trying to legitimize and regulate the crypto business.

Thus, today there are already countries, that have adopted all necessary norms and laws, within which you can register a company and obtain a license for a crypto exchange. Our experts are well aware of all nuances of this type of business and will provide effective assistance in registering a company and issuing a permit in accordance with regulations.

But, there are countries, that still remain in the role of observers, or those jurisdictions, that do not prohibit such a business, but, also, do not introduce a mandatory licensing of crypto activities. Among such states is Slovenia.

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The Slovenian government does not deny and even declares its positive attitude towards innovative projects, considering them from the point of view of economic development. This means, that crypto activities in Slovenia are not prohibited, but not regulated.

IQD Consulting will provide full competent support in registering a crypto exchange in Slovenia. We recall, that, having decided to open a Slovenian cryptocurrency exchange company, you will not be charged a capital gains tax on profits from crypto trading. You will be able to carry out necessary operations in the country.

Support in obtaining an ICO license in Slovenia

Since it is currently not possible to obtain a license for electronic currencies in Slovenia, we suggest considering other countries, where such an opportunity already exists. For example, if you are focused on doing business in Europe, then you can issue a license for an ICO in Belarus, apply for a license for an ICO in Estonia, obtain a license for an ICO in Switzerland. Such licenses provide an opportunity to legally conduct business and attract potential customers and partners.

More details can be found on our contacts, that are available on our website. Experienced company employees will inform you about nuances of doing business in these and other jurisdictions.

Do you want to register a company under an ICO or to obtain a license for the exchange of cryptocurrencies in Europe, and, perhaps, you are looking for the opportunity to open a European account for crypto activities?

Our company provides:
  • a selection of jurisdiction, that will best suit your type of activity;
  • a support in opening an account for a company in Europe;
  • a support in a company registration in any jurisdiction, that interests you;
  • the support in obtaining a license.

IQD Consulting - smart solutions for your business.

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