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Obtaining a license for Forex activity in 2020

Advantages of applying for a Forex license:

  • Promising business solution;
  • Ability to work with customers around the world;
  • A large selection of prestigious jurisdictions, including Vanuatu, Georgia and Hong Kong;
  • A relatively fast licensing process.
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What is Forex?

This is a kind of market, where participants trade in not in goods, but in currencies and earn on the rate differences.

If you want to set up an international business, you have free capital to start it, and you are familiar with brokerage activities features (you are successfully implemented as a trader), we recommend you to register an enterprise in accordance with the letter of the law in order to legally earn money on Forex.

What you need to legally engage in this high-risk business:
  1. To register a company for Forex activities.
  2. To obtain a Forex Broker license.
  3. To open a Forex trading account.

In fact, you will be the intermediary between the client and the foreign exchange market. Such work requires through analysis, a detailed business plan and a comprehensive approach.

In addition, you need to know that such activities, albeit recognized by many countries, are nevertheless considered as a high-risk activities. This means that the bank institutions of many jurisdictions do not want to open an account on Forex market.

To avoid such misunderstandings and problem situations, please contact IQD Consulting. Experienced specialists will help you at all stages of registering a company for Forex trading.

Forex company and Forex broker license

If you are focused on conducting business in Europe, then in this case you can register a Forex company and obtain a Forex broker license in the Czech Republic or obtain a Forex license in Georgia.

This makes it possible to reach European customers and significantly increase revenues. In addition, the European license is considered one of the most prestigious and demanded.

If you are focused on doing business in Asia, we advise you to set up a company for Forex trading in Hong Kong and to obtain a brokerage license in Hong Kong. In this case, you will fast and easily gain access to the Asian markets, the possibility of partnership with China and other benefits in the form of your capital growth.

If you want to start a brokerage business, then you should pay attention to countries where public authorities treat this very loyally.

You can register a Forex company in Vanuatu and obtain a brokerage license in Vanuatu (this is the most profitable and inexpensive option) or register a company for Forex activities in the Cayman Islands and obtain a Forex license in the Cayman Islands.

Clearly, opening an account for companies with such licenses is more difficult than for Hong Kong or European companies. IQD Consulting experts will help to solve this issue.

In addition to the above states, you can obtain a Forex license in Belize or to order a brokerage license in Australia. For more details, please ask our specialists.

The best ideas for opening a corporate Forex account

Of course, the best option would be to open an account in those jurisdictions where you have registered a company and received legal grounds to conduct your business.

However, it is not so simple. For example, opening a Forex trading account in Hong Kong is simply impossible today.

To open an account on Forex market in Switzerland or, for example, to open a Forex trading account in the Czech Republic, you need a carefully prepared package of documents.

If the documentation is not provided in full or incorrectly prepared, the bank will refuse to cooperate with you. In addition, not all banks want to open brokerage business accounts.

With the established contacts and extensive experience in this area, we will help you to minimize the risk of refusal.

Preliminary list of documents:
  • Personal information about the account owner;
  • Registration documents for the company;
  • Samples of signatures and seals;
  • Power of attorney for authorized persons.

It is worth considering that the bank may request additional documents, as it consider each client individually.

Outlooks and realities

Obtaining a forex brokerage license in Vanuatu and opening a merchant account in Vanuatu or in other jurisdictions is difficult, but is possible and profitable.

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Experts are confident that brokering will only gain popularity in time. Thus, choosing this type of business today, you will make a profitable investment into your future. You will have an undeniable advantage over potential competitors – experience.

If you want to open a Forex trading account in Europe and to activate merchant acquiring or to open an account on Forex market without a license then, please contact our company.

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