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A company for ICO in Singapore. Initial Coin Offerings is a change in company financing in Singapore

If you are interested in registering an ICO project in Singapore, then we will talk in detail about key points of this business.

What is cryptocurrency (bitcoin)?

A cryptocurrency is a digital/virtual currency unit, that uses a cryptography to provide a high level of reliability. That is why it is not so easy to fake it.

You can open a business, based on digital currencies in any jurisdiction, in which permits for such practice are issued. You can consider such an American state as Delaware, where authorities are currently actively developing legislative standards for cryptocurrencies. You can open a cryptocurrency company in Delaware with our help.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, that began to exist in 2009. Bitcoin offers lower transaction fees, than traditional online payment mechanisms, and is controlled by decentralized authority, in contrast to government-issued currencies. Today's market capitalization for all bitcoins (abbreviated BTC or XBT) in circulation exceeds $7 billion. Deciding to register a business with cryptocurrency, the initial condition is to open a bitcoin account.

If you need the help of a lawyer in the world of cryptocurrencies, then seek the help of lawyers of IQD Consulting company. Our qualified specialists will provide you with the first legal advice on the legal use of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

How to start an ISO startup in 2020?

To register an ICO startup in 2020, you need to fulfill a number of requirements. The first step is to determine how unique the project is. The more unique, the more attractive it becomes for investing.

Also, for your next steps you will need the help of qualified professionals. You can order personal advice on the preparation of a detailed financial plan for your ISO project, without which the cooperation with investors is impossible, from high-class specialists of IQD Consulting company In the created financial plan, it is necessary to calculate the payback period, a detailed table of expenses for everything necessary for the implementation of the project, as well as the planned profitability. Next, you need to draw up an emission prospectus, taking into account all peculiarities of the legislation.

If you are unable to start an ICO business in 2020 by fulfilling all above conditions, then you have the opportunity to contact us for help. Our knowledge in the economic field will help your dreams come true.

Benefits of ISO for companies

An ICO is an initial offer of coins, i.e. an exchange of a new crypto token for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. ICO is a tool for raising funds for startups, which allows you to bypass the classic ways of financing, for example, venture capital.

ICO logistics combines 2 financing models: the initial public offering of promotions and negotiable investments. Traders buy digital currency units, which are then exchanged for goods/offers. Today, the bulk of coins are used to finance companies and develop new plans.

Qualified lawyers of our company will provide a legal opinion for the payment system, work with cryptocurrencies and banks.

What benefits do ISO projects bring to investors?

After a completion of an ISO project, coins can be re-exchanged, which, in turn, led to an increase in speculative methods in the cryptocurrency market. ICO merchants hope, that through a successful plan they will increase the price of coins.

Compared with the cost of $ 0,31 (2014), the price of airtime increased by 100,000% and currently stands at $343,79. Initially, only venture capitalists could achieve such results in hyper-startups. But, today everyone can get such a benefit, if he is willing to take risks.

We remind you, that IQD Consulting provides full legal support in the registration and maintenance of ISO projects in Singapore and other foreign jurisdictions, and we also prepare legal opinions on international law issues, related to activities of cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Potential hazard to ISO

Cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous. Coin issuers are not required to identify themselves. In this situation, it is not surprising, that some ICOs were used to organize complex fraudulent schemes.

Singapore, also, did not escape cryptocurrency attacks. TenX CEO Julian Hose announces “Circular diagrams” with virtual currencies. Its essence is that its players attract large traders and promote coins to increase its value in order to earn millions in a short period. The prevalence of fraud is due to the lack of regulation in the ICO ecosystem.

Registering a company for ISO in Singapore. A new ISO regulation

Setting up a firm for an ICO project in Singapore will allow you to more profitably realize your intentions. This is a leading country, where friendly conditions have been created for innovative projects, especially ICOs.

To establish an ICO firm in Singapore, you need to start by submitting documents, namely:
  • A future company name;
  • A registered capital;
  • Names of beneficiaries, directors and shareholders, as well as their addresses and confirmations (passports, utilities, etc.);
  • The standard time for the registration of an ICO company in Singapore is 5 days from the date of submission of documents.
Next is the process of transition of the company to ICO:
  • Opening an account with a Singapore bank;
  • A registration of a registered account on cryptocurrency exchanges and testing of input/output channels.

Thus, the opening of a Singapore-based company for ICOs will improve investor relations in the face of fraud. To facilitate the path to success, you have the opportunity to contact us for help.

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