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Relocation business from inconvenient jurisdictions

Assessing the current situation, we can say that offshore business is now "out of the law". And even if you say a thousand times that you did not use offshore for money laundering or tax evasion - potential customers, partners, banks, having heard that you have business in an offshore zone (for example, decided to register a company in Panama) - will avoid cooperation with you.

Every day businessmen turn to our Company and inform that they encounter difficulties in opening accounts or those who feel pressure from the state, in which they once decided to register the company.

Experts believe that in the near future the situation will only progress. Thus, due to the actions of world leaders (EU, US, G20), their influence, sanctions and decisions, the owners of offshore companies were in a very disadvantageous position.

Now the question has arisen: What is the next step? If you also decided to register a company in Cyprus or incorporate a company in the BVI and are now looking for solutions or want to avoid losses in business, and keep and multiply the customer base, etc., it's time to consult our company lawyers who specialize in foreign company registration and know all the nuances and pitfalls of doing international business. We develop an individual strategy for each client. Today we want to talk about one of the ways to minimize the risks of asset losses - how to commit emigration of the company (redomiciliation).

Which countries have become inconvenient for doing business in 2018:

  • Classic offshore.
  • Some Baltic countries.
  • The Russian Federation.
  • Redomiciliation of a company from Cyprus and other offshore areas.

In recent times, appeals regarding business emigration from Cyprus have become more frequent. Especially the demand for such services from the citizens of the Russian Federation has increased, which freeze and close accounts in Cyprus only because the state agencies of the country (after the visit of representatives from the USA to the state and urgent recommendations) now classify residents of the Russian Federation as "high risk".

Relocating a company from Latvia

Concerning classic offshore companies and countries with high taxes - everything is very clear here, the Baltic States have become inconvenient for doing business just recently - after the fall of a major bank in Latvia. The fall or rather the "self-liquidation" of ABLV Bank, which entailed reforms and the refusal of all state banks to cooperate with offshore companies. The beneficiaries of Latvian companies applied to our company to relocate a company from Latvia to a more loyal jurisdiction, which we helped them by providing step-by-step support.

Relocation a company from the Russian Federation

Redomiciliation Company from Russia is also in demand. Many partners and clients from other countries do not want to work with companies from Russia, as they associate them with the creation of many offshore schemes, fraud and money laundering.

Which countries are convenient for business?

First of all, these are states that do not enter into any black list and have low taxation or provide an opportunity to legally and legally reduce tax rates. Among such jurisdictions: Hong Kong, Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Singapore, Switzerland, Poland and others. With a detailed list of states where you can register the company, you can see on our website "Company". In addition, to find the most convenient and optimal jurisdiction for your type of activity, IQD Consulting specialists will help you.

How is the business relocation occurs?

For clarity of action, let us give an example of Business Relocation from Cyprus. In the process of business transfer, a legal entity ceases to operate as a "company that has been registered in Cyprus" and begins to operate in a new jurisdiction. In doing so, it preserves:

  1. organizational and legal form;
  2. corporate structure.

The new jurisdiction can provide convenient and comfortable taxation, ease of obtaining licenses for the right activities and other benefits and benefits with which we will help you sort out.

Redomicile an offshore company is impossible if:

  • there are debts;
  • sanctions have been imposed on it;
  • if the company is bankrupt;
  • if it needs to be liquidated;
  • If there is no certificate of good condition.

Relocating a business

In order to quickly and efficiently conduct business relocation and register a company in Scotland, register a company in Switzerland or other convenient countries - contact us using any convenient form of feedback.

Are you interested in qualified advice from our specialists on this matter?

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