Public and non-public registers of beneficiaries

We are pleased to announce that there has been a significant addition to information about jurisdictions on our site you can see whether the registers of owners and directors of companies are available or not to public.

In terms of disclosing information about directors / owners of companies, registries in general can be divided into the following groups:

  • Non-public: information from the registry is not available to the public / the register of companies is not available on the Internet in general.
  • Quasi non-public: the information is not freely available, but it can be disclosed for a fee. If the fee is indicated on the official website, we let you know this amount too.
  • Quasi public: information is not freely available, but it can be disclosed subject to the registration of the user requesting the information.
  • Public: information from the registry is freely available on a free basis.

To simplify the understanding, the first two categories are marked on the site as non-public registries, the latter two as public.

Please note that some countries are in the process of changing its legislation concerning information availability. In general terms, the trend can be described as a transparency of information about directors and owners of the company. We manually checked each registry of each jurisdiction to provide you with the most updated and complete information. Visit our website and enjoy the new service from IQ Decision

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