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Abu Dhabi Free Economic Zones

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Registering a company in Abu Dhabi in 2020

Doing business in this country is characterized by such advantages:

  • The largest and the most developed emirate of the UAE;
  • You can register a company both personally and remotely;
  • No income and no corporate taxation;
  • There are no customs duties;
  • The possibility of 100% ownership of the company by foreign persons.

Support in company registration  -from 2500 €

Approximate terms of company registration - from 14 days.

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Abu Dhabi is the largest (area of 67,340 sq. km.) and the richest emirate in the UAE. It is also the capital of the most dynamically and rapidly developing state on the planet.

It is possible to register a company in the Emirates promptly and this process is simple, but IQD Consulting specialists draw your attention to a number of subtleties:

  • Firstly, a foreigner, who has decided to open a business in the UAE, needs to be guided by the peculiarities of a local legislation.
  • Secondly, if you decide to register a company in Abu Dhabi, you will need to take into account the fact, that each emirate has its own requirements for this.
  • Thirdly, the opening of a company in Abu Dhabi mplies, that each emirate has a special attitude to different business specifics.

As the lawyers of IQD Consulting noted, if you decide to register a company in the UAE, remember, that among foreign businessmen OJSC and LLC are the most popular legal forms. And we remind you, that if you decide to start business in Abu Dhabi, you need to obtain a license for your activity (trading/commercial license).

In order to establish a company in Abu Dhabi as an LLC, you must submit documents in arabic to employees of the Department of Economic Development and the Chamber of Commerce.


A registration term is up to 15 days. The size of the initial/authorized capital is from 13 to 80 thousand dollars. After the end of the procedure, the foreign owner receives a license for the activities mentioned above and 2 certificates from the Commercial Register and the CCI. You can also buy an existing business in the UAE. Sometimes it’s easier and faster to buy a ready-made company in Abu Dhabi.

IQD Consulting specialists remind you, that after registering a company in Abu Dhabi, you need to open an account with Abu Dhabi bank to start your business. There are two options for registering a company in Abu Dhabi, depending on taxation schemes: directly a registering a company in the emirate or a registering a company in a Free Zone (SZ, Free Zones).

Abu Dhabi has 5 Free Zones:
  • Masdar city
  • Twofour54
  • Kizad
  • Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone
  • Abu Dhabi global market

1-zone is the territory of alternative energy and environmental technologies, 2-zone is intended for business in the field of media, 3-zone is industrial, 4-zone is logistics, 5-zone is financial.

Free Zones in the UAE, and, in particular, Free Zones in Abu Dhabi are differentiated by business specialization.

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IQD Consulting specialists draw your attention to the fact, that if you decide to open a company in Abu Dhabi remotely or in person, according to local laws, your business should “work” with Arab companies only within its Free Zone.

Advantages of a company registration in Abu Dhabi:
  • A fully foreign capital/an owner is possible;
  • A repatriation of funds is possible;
  • No income/corporate taxes;
  • No customs duties;
  • An independent regulatory legislation;

If you need a help in establishing a company in the UAE, namely: an assistance in registering a company in the UAE’s SEZ, IQ Decision lawyers will provide comprehensive support and will help you to open a bank account in Abu Dhabi.

A registration of a company in Abu Dhabi, and the registration of a company in the Emirates, is really a good choice of a vector for the application of your capital. You can receive advice from IQD Consulting lawyers, how to set up a business in the UAE and to open an account in the UAE.

  • The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication.
  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.
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