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Support in company registration in Argentina in 2020

 The jurisdiction is characterized by such advantages:

  • One of the developed countries of Latin America;
  • Several types of legal forms of enterprise are available;
  • No minimum capital requirements for registration of branches;
  • The ability to register a company in the free trade zone of Argentina;
  • A minimization of taxation during the registration in the FTZ.

Support in company registration is from 2790 €

Approximate terms of company registration is from 7 days

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Argentina has the third lowest consumer price index in Latin America. Therefore, registering a company in Argentina would be a good idea for startups and established businessmen.

Based on the planned type of activity, IQD Consulting specialists can provide personal advice on starting entrepreneurship in Argentina.

Such types of legal forms of enterprise are obtainable to foreign entrepreneurs:
  • LLC;
  • a stock corporation;
  • a subsidiary;
THE Establishment OF LLC in Argentina

Planning to set up an LLC in Argentina, remember, that the registration of an Argentine company takes at least 2 months, the minimum paid-up capital is 300 USD.

To set up a commercial firm in Argentina, you will need two (or more) directors, which can be both individuals and legal entities (the majority are residents).

Argentine stock corporation

If you want to register a public firm in Argentina, then a stock corporation is a good idea. The min capital for this type of activity is $7,500.

Argentina's necessary condition for registration include at least 1 director and 2 sharers. If foreign investors can be sharers, then most of the directors should be residents.

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Argentine branch

To open a subsidiary in Argentina does not need an initial capital. This organization should:

  • designate a legal representative;
  • provide the aforementioned person with a power of attorney;
  • open a corporate account with an Argentine banks;

PAY ATTENTION: a branch of an Argentine foreign company can bill Argentinean customers, sign local sales contracts and make profit from local customers.

Registering a company in the Free Zone of Argentina

Planning to establish an institution in the free trade zone of Argentina, pay attention to the following advantages:

  • no customs duties;
  • no VAT on goods imported into the free trade zone;

For legal business in the free trade zone of Argentina, you need to obtain Argentine permissions from local authorities.

Registering an Argentine company in a free trade area, please note, that these enterprises are also subject to standard tax requirements. In particular, they pay the same corporate tax, that applies throughout Argentina. The standard corporate tax rate is 35%.

If you want to get advice on registering a company in Argentina, contact IQD Consulting specialists. Our highly qualified experts will provide you with services in the registration of the Argentinean business, as well as provide you with advice on how to open a corporate account with banks in Argentina, to establish an Argentine company.

You can connect with our employees at the contacts indicated on the site.

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