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Registering a company in Arizona in 2020

 The jurisdiction is characterized by such advantages for doing business:

  • One of the largest US states;
  • A developed and stable economy;
  • The developed infrastructure and a high level of entrepreneurial activity;
  • No residency requirements;
  • Free EIN;
  • A flexible tax system.

Support in company registration is from 1500 €

Approximate terms of company registration is from 2 days


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Registering a company in Arizona or opening an account with US banks will be a great idea for those, who are looking for promising jurisdiction to start a medium/large business.

Arizona is a 6th largest US states. Together with New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona is a unit of “four corners” region, which is the border crossing point of 4 states. Arizona has a virtually comprehensively developed economy. The most significant sectors are: services, a tourism, an agriculture, electronics, an aerospace, a chemical, food industries. The capital and the largest city is Phoenix.

State business benefits

To register a company in the USA may seem a painstaking and rather expensive process, in spite of this, the presence of its own flag in this jurisdiction opens up comprehensive features for the dynamic growth of the business.

The results of a study by Doing Business magazine showed, that in 2019, the USA took an honorable 8th place in terms of accessibility of business management, the 3rd place in obtaining loans. Registering a company in Arizona will be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • A thriving economy;
  • A solid political position;
  • A well-developed infrastructure;
  • The state government is the main employer;
  • A flexible tax system;
  • Constant need for foreign investment;
  • A large selection of vacant business niches;
  • 1st place in the country in terms of entrepreneurial activity.

Planning to open a company in Arizona, should pay attention to the following business areas: a medicine, IT, a commercial real estate, a construction, a tourism.

Popular types of companies in Arizona

Among the main OPFs characteristic of the United States, including a private entrepreneur, partnership and corporation, LLC with a limited liability company is the most popular with foreign businessmen.

Registering an LLC in Arizona is the most profitable decision, because according to a state law, members of such a company have the right to freely draw up contractual agreements regarding rights, obligations, contributions, as well as the distribution of income and losses.

LLC members may, also, have their own classes of interests and rights, allowing them to protect their right to control the company.

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Business opening conditions

If you want to register a company in the USA remotely, then carefully study this list of requirements:

  • The unique name of the company, ending with Limited Liability Company or the abbreviation LLC (L.L.C.). The title should not include obscene or offensive words, or words related to government agencies or requiring a licensing process;
  • The number of members is unlimited (individuals/legal entities of any residency);
  • The signing of the constituent agreement Operating Agreement;
  • A conditional authorized capital is 50 thousand USD;
  • An office registration;
  • Mandatory submission of an annual financial report.
Business registration procedure

In order for a company registration in Arizona to be successful and not take a lot of time, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • To choose a registration agent (an individual/legal entity, mandatory US resident). The role of an agent can be any member of the company, including directors;
  • To draw up the Charter of the company and submit it to the State Regulator for consideration (remotely via the Internet/mail or at a personal visit);
  • To publish several notifications within 3 weeks in the district newspaper about the establishment of a new organization in Arizona (except for Pima and Maricopa districts). The publication should contain the following information: the name of the company, the name and a mailing address of the agent, as well as the legal address of the LLC. A fee of $30-300 is provided (depending on the selected district);
  • To get an EIN in Arizona for free to open a US corporate account, recruitment opportunities, tax transactions. This can be done by mail or online by contacting the IRS after registering a company in Arizona.
Arizona taxes

Arizona’s taxation can be called more than loyal, so if you want to register a company in the USA remotely, you will find quite favorable conditions for doing business:

  • An income tax rate is 4,9%;
  • A sales tax is 8,33%;
  • An income tax for individuals is 4,54%;

How to open a company in the USA

Are you looking for an opportunity to register a company in Arizona quickly and absolutely safely or want to open a corporate account with a US bank? In this case, turning to the specialists of IQ Decision, you can become the owner of a new business in just 21 days. For more information, contact us in any way convenient for you.

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