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Registering a company in Belize in 2020

Doing business in this jurisdiction has the following advantages:

  • A rapidly developing economy;
  • The developed banking system;
  • The ability to minimize taxes;
  • Lack of currency restrictions;
  • A high level of confidentiality.
  • The ability to register a business without a personal presence.

A business registration is from 1600 €

A company registration period is from 2 days

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Belize is one of the most dynamically developing offshore zones in Central America. If you are thinking of opening a Belize company, our lawyers can help you!

Belize is a classical offshore jurisdiction, which means that offshore companies registered in Belize are fully exempt from taxes if they do not operate in Belize.

Set up a company in Belize without personal presence - advantages:

  1. Remote registration of business in Belize requires exemption from payment of taxes - regardless of where the income was received.
  2. Taxes on open offshore companies that do not operate in Belize are not levied.
  3. Belize has created optimal conditions for entrepreneurs that can open a company in Belize in any type of business.
  4. The financial services is well developed in this country.
  5. Director’s or shareholder’s personal data is in a closed register (third parties do not have access to this information without the appropriate decision of the local court).
  6. Under the primary capital shares are created (capital 50 000 USD - shares 50 000, stock price 1 USD).
  7. The legal arrangement is based on British law, which attracts investors who decided to set up a company in Belize and manage the business remotely.
  8. For founders who wish to register a business in Belize, there are no currency restrictions.
  9. The political situation in the country is stable.

There is no need to visit a country if you are interested in setting up a business in Belize. In the state of the organization, there must be an agent with a license that gives the right to conduct activities in the territory of the state. To register a company in Belize, you need at least 1 director and 1 shareholder. To their nationality and residence, there are no special requirements. These individuals can be both physical and legal.

Remote company registration in Belize:

  • Only 1 director / shareholder is required if you want to open a company in Belize without a personal presence.
  • For remote company opening in Belize, there are no requirements for the appointment of local directors / shareholders.
  • There is no need in company secretary.
  • The cost of registration of a company in Belize is quite low.
  • Belize is one of the safest jurisdictions for starting a business overseas. The secrecy of information is fixed by law.
  • Offshore companies are exempt from any reporting requirements, including an annual audit.
  • For full confidentiality, you can use the services of nominee directors / shareholders.
  • Any entrepreneurial activity of offshore companies is prohibited in Belize.
  • There is only an estimated authorized capital - 50 000 USD. It is not mandatory.
  • The registered company in Belize is allowed to engage in any type of activity, a special license is needed only for banking, insurance, trust activity.
  • If you are interested in register a business in Belize, you need a local registration office and an agent.

IQ Decision Lawyers can give a chamber consultation and help our client to set up a Belize company or open a business account in Belize.

Belize Enterprise


  • Company Registration
  • The Constitutional Documents
  • Legal address
  • Nominee service
  • Delivery
  • Apostilled documents

Belize Standard


  • Company Registration
  • The Constitutional Documents
  • Legal address
  • Nominee service
  • Delivery
  • Apostilled documents
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