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Registering a company in Bolivia in 2020

Benefits of doing business in this jurisdiction:

  • A developed economy;
  • The ability to enter the market of Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela;
  • The presence of several agreements on the avoidance of double taxation;
  • The size of the authorized capital is from $1;
  • The ability to register a company remotely.

The business registration is from 17500 €

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The registration of the entrepreneurship in Bolivia is the best choices for investors, wishing to conquer new markets. This jurisdiction is known for the growth/development of a control ownership.

It is a part of the WTO. In connection with the above data, the establishment of firms in Bolivia is becoming a more attractive and profitable solution. A trade in the jurisdiction has captured a significant portion of the business. Bolivia has entered into double taxation avoidance agreements with the USA, Great Britain, Germany, some states of South America.

To open a Bolivian entrepreneurship

Setting up Bolivian enterprises takes two and a half months. A min capital, purely symbolic, is only 1 dollar. The office is required. To establish a Bolivian commercial firm, required to open a Bolivian account.

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Forms of companies:
  • The LLC: 1 director, 2 sharers, a capital is 1 dollar. The secretary is not a prerequisite, but its presence is desirable. You can also start the entrepreneurial activity in Bolivia remotely.
  • A State Corporation: this type is typical for small/medium firms, requires 3 directors (one is a resident), 3 shareholders (residency does not matter). To register a Bolivian state corporation, appoint a resident secretary, enter into an agreement with a local agent, and determine the position of auditor.
  • A Limited Partnership: 2 sharers, 2 headmasters are required (residency does not matter). Depending on initial deposits, a responsibility of investors is distributed. Share transfers are not taxed.
  • A subsidiary: you must have at your disposal an office rented in this jurisdiction.
  • A representation: aimed at market research, promotion of the parent enterprise.
A legal assistance

You can start a Bolivian business activity easily and without extra time, with IQ Decision experts. Our company provides personal legal advice on the remote registering a business in Bolivia, will help you to buy a ready-made enterprise in the Caribbean. Request a consultation by phone specified in “Contacts”.

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