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Dubai Healthcare City

In this jurisdiction, we can help you create:

Dubai Free Zones

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Registering a company in Dubai Healthcare City in 2020

Benefits of this jurisdiction:

  • One of the popular free zones;
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • Lack of corporate and income tax;
  • 100% repatriation of capital;
  • Lack of trade barriers.

A business registration costs from 23 400 €

A duration of company registration is from 3 weeks

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Dubai Investment Park is a multifunctional manufacturing, commercial and market region, which is managed by Dubai Investments Park Development. DIP covers 2300 ha (1700 ha leased). The park offers a developed platform and a variety of services. You can create a company in DIP in one of the 3 available sectors.

DIP is a subsidiary of PJSC. The advantage of the park is its strategic location. It is located near the Jebel Ali Airport (an international airport) and is connected with main business regions of Dubai. DIP is the main residential and commercial center and this characteristic of the park defines the business concept.

Dubai Investment Park

The park is divided into 3 zones:

  • commercial;
  • residential;
  • industrial;

DIP is an independent project, in which each individual area performs its own separate function. In total, the project offers comprehensive solutions for the promotion of production, commerce, knowledge and logistics.

Manufacturing Zone at DIP FZ

The manufacturing sector has a powerful production base in which light, medium and heavy industries are developing equally quickly and prospectively. The park provides investors with modern world-class infrastructure. Doing business in the Free Zone of the DIP is progressive in nature, since the park offers entrepreneurs many opportunities adapted to conditions of the modern industry. This zone is characterized by modern highways, which provide communication with global markets. A water supply and electrical networks, ultra-modern refrigeration units, a high-level waste management system and a processing equipment, a modern telecommunication network make the park one of the most desirable areas to organize a business in the UAE.

Light and medium industry in Dubai Investment Park

The purpose of the industrial sector of the Industrial Park is to provide a sufficient space and opportunities for the development of high-tech sectors of the economy, including a light industry (the warehousing, a storage and the transportation).

Warehouses in an Investment park in Dubai

DIP has large areas for storage facilities and logistics centers. This is a major advantage for companies located in DIP and for entrepreneurs, who wish to register a company in DIP. The proximity to the port of Jebel Ali and the Jebel Ali International Airport, as well as to the main commercial highway Emirates Road, make the movement of goods fast and convenient.

Commercial area in DIP

DIP is considered the main business park in the region. It is popular among businessmen, who want to register a company in Dubai, and effectively solve the issues of centralized functioning of the company in the region. Registered companies in DIP FZ may plan to build their own facilities, but main condition is compliance with standards. Transnational and local investors have at their disposal a wide range of offices, exhibition halls and retail outlets.

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Living space in DIP

Dubai Investment Park was recognized as an environmentally friendly and thoughtful to the smallest detail project in all areas. The park offers a huge selection of housing (villas, penthouses of various styles, apartments, private houses, rooms) for staff. All buildings are designed in accordance with international standards.

If you decide to register a company in Dubai Investment Park Free Zone, given the above information, contact the experienced IQD Consulting specialists. We provide highly qualified consultations, provide assistance in opening an account in the UAE and in other projects. Contact us at the contacts listed on the site.

The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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