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Dubai Industrial City (DIC)

In this jurisdiction, we can help you create:

Dubai Free Zones

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Registering a company in Dubai Industrial City (DIC) in 2020

Benefits of this jurisdiction:

  • One of the developed free zones;
  • 100% foreign ownership is permitted;
  • A minimization of taxation;
  • The possibility of 100% repatriation of capital.

A business registration costsfrom 5700 €

The term of company registration in DIC is from 30 days

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Dubai Industrial City (DIC) settled not far from Jebel Ali Airport. FZ constructing was fully completed only in 2015, 11 years after its foundation. DIC is divided into: food and beverage, transport, extensive conservation area, storage facilities, logistics centers, education, others. Investors, wishing to register a commercial firm in DIC FZ, are guided by global markets. DIC is a part of TECOM. It is also known for its advanced communication technologies in Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

DIC is the base for large multinational corporations, including Facebook and LinkedIn. DIC goal is a prosperity of manufacturing companies in UAE.

To set up a firm in DIC FZ mainly in terms of:
  • variety of storage facilities used in light industry and logistics;
  • the presence of exhibition halls, work camps, open storage facilities;
  • assistance in the field of construction at the local level;
To establish a company in DIC brings its advantages:
  • full property right for foreign representatives;
  • 100% renewal of funds;
  • lack of tax levies for individuals and legal entities;
  • the absence of entry fees to the markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council / MENA for entrepreneurs, whose productivity is more than 40% at the local level;
  • modern IT structure;
  • the world's largest IP telephony network;
  • flexible laws;
  • the availability of a skilled workforce and multilingual experienced staff;
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Obtaining licenses in UAE

The company can choose any of 4 licenses:

  • Trading: for the purchase / sale of goods, their storage.
  • Service: for firms engaged in accounting, auditing, consulting.
  • Commercial: for any commercial activity in the DIC.
  • Industrial: gives the right to carry out production activities.
You can set up a company in DIC FZ in such legal forms:
  • FZ-LLC (shareholder - individual or legal entity, initial capital - 85,155 euros).
  • Local subsidiary.
Activities, where you can start an entrepreneurial activity in Industrial City:
  • Food and Beverage;
  • Transport and auto parts;
  • Engineering;
  • Mineral products;
  • Chemical production;
Stages of commerce in DIC
  • Provide an application together with: (1) an application for a license, (2) a commercial plan, (3) a xerox of passports of managers/directors/shareholders.
  • Provide legal documents. The inspection body will issue a confirmation letter.
  • After that, you will be provided with the AOA, MOA and a bank letter of representation for signature.
  • It is required to open a bank account in UAE, to make an authorized capital.
  • The inspection body will issue you a certificate of registration.
  • TECOM leasing department will prepare a lease.
  • After signing the lease, you will be able to obtain a license in Dubai.

If you have a desire to set up a commercial organization in UAE, do not hesitate, DIC is precisely the area, that is promising for your business. FZ seeks to increase investment in UAE's industrial sector. Experienced IQ Decision specialists will help you to register a business in DIC and provide other related services.

The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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