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Dubai Media City

Свободные экономические зоны Дубаи

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Registering a company in Dubai Media City in 2020

The main benefits of starting a business in Dubai Media City are:

  • Effective corporate infrastructure;
  • Zero corporate and personal income tax rate for the first 50 years;
  • 100% foreign business ownership is allowed;
  • No requirements for the contribution of a minimum authorized capital;
  • Favorable business environment;
  • No requirements for the payment of customs duties.

Business registration –from €6,300

Company registration period – from 2 weeks

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Dubai Media City (DMC) was created as a local center for various media organizations. An initial goal of this FZ is to turn Dubai into an innovative economic society. DMC is controlled by the DCCA and TECOM. To register a firm in DMC guarantees good opportunities for freelancers through specialized media centers, news agencies. 1,500 regional companies work in DMC, including such "titans" as Bertelsmann, BBC, CNN, Reuters, CNBC, Forbes, Showtime. Experienced IQ Decision specialists will assist in solving complex issues.

To start an entrepreneurship in DMC is a good idea

DMC is characterized by a promising business environment for commercial activities in media. Reasons, why he became the international media center are:

  1. The autonomous environment, in which enterprises can interact fully to achieve joint goals.
  2. An international base. To set up a commercial firm in DMC is a good idea in terms of high-speed data, a high level of digital communications, new technologies and competitive prices.
Opening prospects of this FZ:
  • full ownership of a foreign commercial organization;
  • 0% tax on individuals and legal entities;
  • lack of customs duties;
  • lack of monetary restrictions;
  • lack of restrictions;
  • commercial environment;
  • simplified and clear registration procedure;
  • flexibility of laws;
  • accelerated immigration;
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You can establish a firm in DMC in such segments:
  • Advertising;
  • Communication;
  • Commercial sphere;
  • Event management;
  • Event Support;
  • Financing;
  • Marketing;
  • Media maintenance;
  • Consulting;
  • Nonprofit Association
Entrepreneurs can set up a firm in Dubai in such forms:
  • FZ-LLC (1 stockholder);
  • FZCO (2-5 stockholders);
  • An affiliate;
  • Freelancer;
You can obtain a license in DMC:
  • to provide communication services;
  • for consulting, retail;
  • for leisure;
  • for multimedia marketing services;
To start commercial activity in Dubai
To establish FZ-LLC in DMC a three-stage procedure is required:

Stage 1: apply and submit:

  • DCCA corroboration;
  • a commercial plan;
  • certified photocopies of passports of stockholders, managers, directors
  • for legal entities + a photocopy of certificate

Stage 2: pay approved fees, including rental; provide supporting doc of the authorized capital, MOA and the Charter of the parent company (when needed), NOC, RIC.

Stage 3: you will receive notarized certificates, licenses, leases; a lease should be entered into; to obtain a license in Dubai.

In order to register a foreign affiliate in DMC FZ, it is necessary to fulfill all the conditions listed above + provide parent company license issued by DED, MOA, parent company AOA, NOC, RIC.

To set up an affiliate of a local firm in UAE (only for those entrepreneurs, who work for more than 2 years), you must:

  • apply for a license;
  • provide a commercial plan, a photocopy of your license;
  • pay the necessary fee;
  • sign a lease;
  • to get a license in Dubai;
To register a freelance in UAE, you will need:
  • provide a commercial plan, a copy of your passport, personal reference letters (min 3);
  • next, provide a resume, a bank statement, RIC.
By signing a contract with the tenant, you will receive a permit for non-staff activities in DMC.

To establish a commercial company in DMC FZ is easy with IQ Decision specialists. Our experts provide a wide range of services in UAE. Contact us to register a commercial organization in Media City or on other legal issues.

The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.