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Registering a company in Dubai Science Park in 2020

Key benefits of starting a business in Dubai Science Park are:

  • Allowed full foreign ownership of the business;
  • Exemption from income tax and personal income tax;
  • Metro Ethernet Network;
  • Allowed full repatriation of capital and profits;
  • 21 licenses for conducting scientific activities;
  • Simple conditions for hiring qualified personnel.

Business registration – from €10,200

Company registration period –from 2 weeks

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The basis of the infrastructure and technologies of any country ultimately depends on the degree of the platform, that is provided for a scientific development. Throughout a history, scientific discoveries have made significant contributions to government initiatives, that have helped his research and development. Dubai Science Park was founded in 2015 to equip companies with modern technologies, contributing to growth in the field of human science, a crop production, materials science, ecology and energy. Dubai Science Park (DSP) is located in Al Barsha area of Dubai.

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What you need to know to establish a company in DSP?

DPS to support academics, small, medium and global enterprises, DSP has been developed to meet the demands of enterprises operating in the field of life sciences. This stimulates a field that enhances research, ingenuity and modernization.

This FZ offers entrepreneurs, who want to set up a company in the Dubai Science Park, which stimulates business development and promotes sustainable change.

Key benefits of establishing a company in DSP FZ, including:
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • Exemption from various taxes, including personal/corporate;
  • Complete repatriation of capital and profits;
  • No currency restrictions;
  • Metro Ethernet environment;
  • First-class infrastructure facilities, such as digital voice services and high-speed Internet among others;
  • Company laws and legal frameworks, that contribute to doing business in Dubai Science Park;
  • Quick immigration process;
  • Quick access to knowledge workers;

In order to simplify the steps of registering a company in DSP and smooth functioning of the partnerships, the FZ provides support to organizations for various tasks, such as obtaining licenses in DSP, public services, obtaining visas in Dubai, traffic and postal services, as well as office management and maintenance.

The DSP has an extensive list of licensing segments, that cover life sciences, environmental sciences, and other science-related industries.

You can obtain licenses in the DSP for the formation of:
  • A therapy;
  • An agriculture and a forestry, a gardening;
  • Environment;
  • Medical/scientific instruments or equipment;
  • Special Supplies;
  • Diagnostics and analysis;
  • Life support services;
  • Life Sciences Associations;
  • Regional headquarters;
  • Renewable energy;
  • The energy efficient equipment;
  • A water and a wastewater;
  • A recycling and a solid waste;
  • A transport;
  • Green building;
  • Organic products;
  • Association (non-profit organizations);

These licenses cover activities, such as research and development, a storage, the marketing, a production, support services, consultations, a management, a testing.

To organize a business in DSP is quite simple with a minimal list of documents. The costs of forming a company in Science Park can start from 5,100 euros, although they usually vary depending on the company, as well as on the necessary process developed for it. To start an entrepreneurial business in Dubai Science Park, a company will need to apply to obtain a business license in Dubai and select office space suitable for their business.

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In addition to offices and laboratories, Dubai Science Park offers a business center to host small and medium-sized companies, warehouses for light manufacturing, exhibition halls, logistics and distribution, land for rent and sale, rental for enterprises, that need specially built offices and production units.

How to register a company in Dubai Science Park Free Zone? How to open an account in UAE? How to obtain licenses in Dubai Science Park FZ? IQ Decision lawyers are ready to answer and provide a support to these and other questions, that interest you. Address on the contacts specified on a site.

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