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Dubai Studio City Free Zone

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Dubai Free Zones

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Registering a company in Dubai Studio City Free Zone in 2020

The main advantages of establishing a company in Dubai Studio City are:

  • A dynamic business environment created for media, music and broadcasting companies;
  • No corporate tax and personal income tax;
  • Full foreign ownership;
  • Modern housing and training institutions for the expatriate personnel;
  • Simplified business licensing process;
  • No currency control.

Business registration – from €11,800

Company registration period – from 2 weeks

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Dubai Studio City (DSC) has existed as an independent economic unit, the largest media platform in the world, providing such services as: broadcasting, film production, music, television, entertainment. It is part of TECOM Investments, a Dubai holding company. DSC FZ offers complete solutions to simplify and facilitate innovative processes, to meet creative needs. To meet the above solutions, DSC offers entrepreneurs a multinational staff, ready-made studios, sound stages, workshops, office premises, modern facilities for satellite communications, etc. Dubai has hosted the annual World Film Festival since 2004. Deciding to register a firm in Studio City FZ, you should familiarize yourself with the features of this economic zone.

Deciding to start a business in DSC, check out its features:
  • No taxes;
  • No currency limit;
  • Full foreign foundation;
  • Full renewal of funds;
  • Innovative technologies;
  • Foreign educational institutions;
You can register a commercial organization in DSC FZ in the following areas:
  • The animation;
  • A satellite radio station;
  • IP Broadcast;
  • A satellite television network;
  • Movie support services;
  • A music;
Legal entities available in DSC:
  • FZ-LLC;
  • A subsidiary office;
  • Freelance;
Obtaining licenses in DSC
  • A commercial;
  • Freelance resolution;
What is necessary to know to set up an enterprise in DSC FZ?

You should know, that having established a commercial enterprise in DSC, benefits are available for you. You get the right not to pay customs duties, government support in facility management, industrial development.

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To register a firm in DSC FZ, you should obtain a license in Dubai. To obtain permits in UAE, you must:

  • Submit an application;
  • Provide docs in accordance with the approved list;
  • Go through the confirmation process and make necessary contributions;
  • To assure the MOA/AOA;
  • To issue a rental agreement;

To start a commerce in Studio City, provide a license agreement, 2 certified copies of the permit, appoint a manager/directors, issue a letter of attorney in Dubai to a third party, Sample signatures of managers. Pending consideration by the relevant authorities should be a commercial plan, a letter of recommendation from the bank.

A closing speech

There are several well-known movie studios in DSC FZ. For the entertainment industry it is very important to be a creative person. Dubai Studio is full of inspiration.

To set up commercial firms in DSC is not easy, but IQD Consulting lawyers simplify the process. Address our experts in any way convenient for you.

IQD Consulting shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and material contained in this website. Please, consider contacting our experts for possible solutions for your business.

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