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Dubai (a mainland company)

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Registering a company in (Mainland Company) in 2020

Key benefits of opening a mainland company in Dubai are:

  • Prestigious jurisdiction;
  • Easy access to local markets;
  • No corporate taxes;
  • No audit requirements;
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits;
  • Inexpensive office rental.

Business registration – from €41,000

Company registration period – from 14 days

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* Beneficiary registries are closed only in FZ

A creating of a mainland company in Dubai is one of the promising ways for non-residents to start a business in Dubai. One of the main advantages of local companies in Dubai is their freedom. Also a registering of a local business on the mainland in Dubai opens a direct access to the UAE domestic market.

Dubai won the right to organize Expo 2020, so the registration of the mainland company in Dubai is becoming a priority issue for the solution.

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A creating a Dubai local company is a simple process, the duration of which is 21 days.

Benefits of a registering of a local company in FZ:

  • No taxes;
  • A simple registration process;
  • An open access to domestic markets;
  • A manage of your business from anywhere in the UAE;
  • No annual audit;
  • Flexible rental conditions;
  • A variety of licenses and activities;
  • There are no restrictions on obtaining work visas;
  • A return of a capital and a profits is 100%;
  • The international leading position.

Types of licenses required to register your company in Dubai.

1. A company with one founder

This type is excellent for the establishment of accounting firms, design offices or service centers. Mandatory presence of foreign and local partners. The share of non-residents is 100%.

2. A private company

Such company should include two or more foreign sponsors and one local partner. The share of non-residents is 100%.

3. LLC

Ideal for foreign firms, who want to start a business in the UAE. The activities of such companies are aimed at the marketing sector. This type of company is characterized by the fact, that the share of a foreign company and a local partner is 49% / 51%, respectively. 49% belong to a foreign representative.

4. A subsidiary of a foreign company

The activities of such companies are also focused on marketing and representation. But the share of the foreign representative is 100%, while the local partner has a share of 0%.

5. A filial agency of FZ

The creation of companies of this type implies the development of activities in Free Zones. The structure of the company includes a representative office of a Free Zone and a local sponsor. The shares in the company are distributed according to this principle: the local representative has 0%, and the representative office of the economic Free Zone has 100%. Local agent for the newly established company

If you want to establish a firm in Dubai FZ, you should enter into a relationship with a local agent (a partner). The partner of the company can only be a resident of the UAE, who will nominally be a co-owner of the company. The relationship between the company and the local agent is confirmed by the MOA, which is certified in court. Local agents must represent the company at the state level, including the Ministry of Labor and Immigration.

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Your company and a local agent can work on the basis of a power of attorney, which allows you to personally carry out relations with government agencies.

Be responsible in choosing an agent!!! For example, if his activity extends to several companies at the same time, the situations may arise, when problems arise in one of the companies. Thus, all companies covered by this agent may be blocked.

Company Registration Procedure in Dubai

To start your business in Dubai is not possible without registering with the Department of Economic Development (DED). Registration Steps:

  • A registration of a unique name;
  • A license Application in DED
  • A prior approval;
  • An establishment of a MOA;
  • A notarized memorandum is required;
  • The office rental;
  • The confirmation of the physical address of your office in the planning department;
  • A licensed bill payment at DED;
  • Obtaining of a license in Dubai;
  • Minimum capital is AED 48,000

Obtaining a business license is possible in the period from 10 to 14 days. Our company can also offer you to register your business in Dubai within 4-5 days. If confirmation of documentation by certain departments is necessary, then the registration period can be from 5 to 7 days.

In order to receive a qualified advisor, contact the company IQ Decision UK. Our experts will help you to organize activities in the Free Zone of Dubai in accordance with the conditions of your chosen zone.

* Conditions may vary depending on the activities of your company.

The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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