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Registering a company in Egypt in 2020

The main advantages of starting a business in Egypt are:

  • High level of GDP;
  • Developed transport infrastructure;
  • Access to the markets of the Middle East and Northeast Africa;
  • Favorable conditions for the establishment of a mining company;
  • Subject to investment in agricultural development, tax holidays of up to 10 years are possible.

Business registration – from €5,700

Company registration period – from 14 days

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Egypt is an independent country located partly in Northeast Africa and the Middle East. It is the 3rd most populous state in the African continent and most populous state in the Arab world.

When planning to register a company in Egypt and open a bank account in Africa, take a look at the following:

  • Capital: Cairo;
  • Population: over 99,5 million people;
  • State languages: Arabic and English;
  • Currency: egyptian pound (EGP). 1 USD is approximately 16,1 EGP;
  • The country is a member of the Arab League, AU, OIC and others;
  • 3 neighboring countries and Palestinian territories (Gaza Strip);
  • Wholly foreign ownership is allowed (for mining, maritime transport, real estate, tourism, electronics production and software design).

If you want to run a business in this jurisdiction, then request for qualified advice on business organization process in Egypt from IQ Decision specialists.

Best uses for an Egyptian company

If you are seeking to set up a business in Egypt, please take into account these promising solutions:

  1. Registering a tourism company in Egypt;
  2. Opening an Egyptian production company (food industry, light industry, manufacturing industry, chemical industry, textile industry, metallurgy);
  3. Setting up an agricultural company in Egypt (cotton, rice, corn, cereals and legumes, vegetables, sugarcane);
  4. Registering a mining company in Egypt (oil, natural gas, iron ore, zinc, lead, deposits of gold, manganese, limestone and phosphates);
  5. Setting up a pharmaceutical company in Egypt.

Also, it can be profitable to open an Egyptian construction company.

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Business entity types and taxes

In order to start a business in Egypt and open an account with an Egyptian bank, you can choose the following legal forms:

  • LLC;
  • Free Zone JSC;
  • JSC;
  • Nominee Fast Solution.

Legal form

Corporate tax


Minimum share capital










14 000 USD

Nominee Fast Solution



Also, you can open a branch in Egypt with an income tax of 22,5% and a representative office.

Registration requirements

In order to set up a company in Egypt remotely, you will need the following:

  • Founders: shareholders and directors (2). Directors must be residents of Egypt;
  • Local registered office;
  • Local secretary;
  • Annual tax;
  • Audit;
  • Terms of registration: 5 weeks.
How to open a business in Egypt

If you are intended to register a company in Egypt remotely and open an account for an Egyptian company, you can consider the following banks:

  1. HSBC Egypt;
  2. NBE Egypt;
  3. Banque MISR Egypt;
  4. CIB Egypt;
  5. Alex Bank Egypt;
  6. SCB Egypt.

Those, who are interested in conducting business in Africa, we recommend asking for professional advice on company registration procedure in Egypt from IQ Decision lawyers.

Also, we can provide you with legal assistance in opening an account with an Egyptian bank and local office registration.

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