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Equatorial Guinea

In this jurisdiction, we can help you create:

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Support in company registration in Equatorial Guinea

The main business benefits of a jurisdiction are:

  • One of the largest oil producers in Africa (6th place);
  • A favorable environment for opening a financial company, as well as a mining enterprise;
  • The possibility of tax holidays up to 15 years;
  • Full foreign ownership;
  • Establishing a company remotely is allowed.

Support in company registration  – from €6,900

Approximate terms of company registration – from 4 months

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Equatorial Guinea is a sovereign state located in Central Africa. It is one of the richest countries in the African continent.

If you are planning to register a company in Equatorial Guinea and open an African bank account, then take a look at the following:

  • Three official languages: Portuguese, French and Spanish ;
  • The capital is Malabo;
  • XAF is the official currency;
  • The neighboring states are Cameroon and Gabon;
  • Population: more than 1,3 million people;
  • The country is a member of the following organizations: CPLP, OIF, OPEC, AU and others.

Those, who want to start a business in this jurisdiction, can receive personal advice on a company registration procedure in Equatorial Guinea from IQD Consulting experts.


It can be profitable to set up the following types of business in this country:

  • Registering a mining company in Equatorial Guinea (oil, gas, gold, bauxite, diamonds);
  • Opening an Equatorial Guinea agricultural company (coffee, cocoa, rice, yams, bananas, coconuts);
  • Setting up a service company in Equatorial Guinea.

In recent years (due to the oil deposits) the state has sharply increased its revenues.

Business entity types & tax treatment

If you are intended to set up a company in Equatorial Guinea remotely and open a corporate bank account in Equatorial Guinea, then we recommend you considering the following legal forms:

  • LLC (SARL);
  • PLC (SA);
  • SME;
  • Oil and gas company;
  • Tourism company;
  • Branch.

Legal form

Corporate tax



Share capital




25% on dividends and interest payments

20% on royalties

20% on gross incomes of non-residents

2 000 USD




20 000 USD




2 000 USD

Oil and gas company



2 000 USD

Tourism company



2 000 USD





Registering an LLC in Equatorial Guinea is the most popular option, but it also means a long-term procedure. Sometimes it takes about 6-8 months to register a company in Africa.

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In order to optimize and speed up the process, ask for for competent advice on opening a bank account in Equatorial Guinea and registering a business from qualified IQD Consulting specialists.

Registration process

In order to set a company in Africa remotely, you will need to:

  • Provide a certificate of a criminal record;
  • Prepare and notarize the constituent documents of the company;
  • Come up with a unique name of the future company;
  • Prepare and file documents in the commercial register;
  • Open an account for a company in Equatorial Guinea;
  • Pay stamp duty (approximately 100 EUR).

Also, if you want to establish a company in Equatorial Guinea, you must submit a statement with a description of the economic importance of the enterprise.

How to open a business in Equatorial Guinea

In order to learn more about the business benefits of this jurisdiction, you can request for qualified advice on company registration process in Equatorial Guinea.

In addition, IQD Consulting specialists can provide you with professional assistance in opening a bank corporate account in Africa.

A company registration period is 4 weeks.

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