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Company registration in Hong Kong

Among the main advantages of jurisdiction:

  • The special administrative regions of China;
  • One of the main financial centers of Asia;
  • Entry into Asian markets;
  • Ability to open a business remotely;
  • No currency control;
  • Developed banking system;
  • Ability to reduce the tax rate;

The cost of assistance with company registration - from 1890 €

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Entrepreneurs from all over the world want to register a company in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the main financial centers of Asia and the world. The main characteristics of the Hong Kong economy are: a free market, fairly low tax rates, and the government does not interfere in market processes. All this attracts investors. Next, we will tell you, what benefits you will get if you decide to register a company in Hong Kong remotely.

To open A COMMERCIAL FIRM in Hong Kong. What are the advantages of the region
  • Hong Kong has a strong human and financial potential. This contributes to the efficient conduct of business in the region.
  • A high level of confidentiality leads potential investors to decide to register a company in Hong Kong remotely.
  • Hong Kong has signed double tax treaties with other countries. This is an advantage for entrepreneurs, who want to open a company in Hong Kong without a personal presence.
  • To register a company in Hong Kong remotely involves obtaining a residence permit.
  • There is no exchange control in this administrative region of the People's Republic of China.

An ideal tool to open a business in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Private Limited Company (PLC). PLC is beneficial for international trade, as well as to protect assets and investments. If you decide to register a company in Hong Kong remotely, the company's income received in the region is the main condition for reducing the tax rate.

Hong Kong Market Features
  • It is possible to register a private company in Hong Kong remotely or to set up a partnership in Hong Kong, or to open a foreign company in Hong Kong. But the most common option is to register an LLC in Hong Kong remotely.
  • Choose the name of the company you need with ending Limited or Ltd. The use of certain words requires a license. These are words such as: Bank, Insurance, Assurance, Re-Insurance, Trust, Savings, Royal, Municipal, Chartered, Tourist Association, Kaifong, Mass Transit, Underground Railway, etc. When you decide to register an offshore in Hong Kong remotely, it is forbidden to use words which imply any connection with the local, state, national government.
  • If you want to register a company in Hong Kong remotely, you must submit an application and company charter to the Register. The charter should specify the scope and rules, that govern the internal activities of the company.
  • To open a company in Hong Kong without a personal presence implies the presence of a minimum number of shareholders - 1 (it can be both an individual and a legal entity). Information about shareholders appears in public reports.
  • There are no minimum share capital requirements.
  • The minimum number of directors is -1 (individual). Data on directors appears in public registers.
  • Each Hong Kong company must have a registered address, office and company secretary (Hong Kong citizen).
  • After opening a company in Hong Kong remotely, you can hold meetings outside the state.
  • The income tax is levied on the condition, that profits from trade or business are carried out in Hong Kong. The corporate tax rate is 16.5%, the dividend tax is 0%.
  • A company must keep records, undergo an audit.

If you want to register an online business in Hong Kong, you made the right choice, because Hong Kong is one of the best countries for registering such a business.

The main reasons to register an online business in Hong Kong:
  • The Hong Kong government has the right policies aimed at the absence of corruption, the creationbusiness-friendly legislation. All this has turned the country into the fourth world financial center. Hong Kong holds a leading position among world states in terms of openness of the economy. Local banks offer their customers to open a multi-currency account in Hong Kong, to open a PayPal account in Hong Kong. The service fee is much lower than in European banks. And this state also have a convenient online banking.
  • The country's leadership has done everything possible to attract foreign investment and entrepreneurs, for this reason to register a company in Hong Kong takes from 1 to 7 days. You can also open a company in Hong Kong remotely. To register a company in Hong Kong remotely, you need a minimum package of documents.
  • Hong Kong is one of the countries with the lowest tax rates. Many taxes (for example, VAT, inheritance, etc.) are absent. If you made your profit outside of Hong Kong, you are exempt from tax. This is one of the few countries, where there is no division into residents and non-residents, and there is no intolerance (racial, religious, national).
  • Hong Kong has a favorable geographical location, one of the largest ports is here. Land, sea and air infrastructure are well developed. The another advantage is the fact, that English is the second official language (it is known to the entire population of the country). And also you have a possibility to move to Hong Kong using a work visa.
  • The Hong Kong government provides tax incentives to purchase intellectual property. They are included in fixed capital. Hong Kong law also provides for the reduction of taxes on the purchase of equipment, machinery, trademark, etc. There is no currency control in this jurisdiction.

You can ask for personal professional advice on opening a company in Hong Kong remotely, if you plan to register a company in this state. Contacts are listed below on the site. IQD Consulting experts will provide you with qualified support in opening your own business without a personal presence, obtaining a license for intellectual property in Hong Kong, and, also, provide personal advice on how to open a multiple currency account in Hong Kong.

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