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Cayman Islands

In this jurisdiction, we can help you create:

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Registering a company in the Cayman Islands in 2020

The main advantages of doing business in this jurisdiction:

  • A political and economic stability;
  • No capital control (money freely comes and goes);
  • A high level of confidentiality;
  • The access to the markets of Asia and the USA;
  • Developed banking and legal sectors;
  • A minimum reporting;

Support in company registration is € 5 000

Approximate terms of company registration from 14 days

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Cayman Islands is called the best tax haven in the world. Located in the Caribbean, they are the overseas territory of Great Britain, therefore they are considered a politically stable and a secure state.

To register a company in the Caymans is the best solution for the tax optimization of a business. The investment attractiveness of the islands is beyond doubt. Buying a ready-made offshore in the Caymans means completely freeing yourself from paying taxes.

In addition, the world's largest center for offshore banking is located in the Cayman Islands. For those, who wish to open a bank account in the Caymans, many offshore banks and large trust funds offer their services.

A huge plus also lies in the fact, that the remote registration of a business in the Caymans will provide an exemption from taxes for up to 30 years.

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A currency is a Cayman dollar, equivalent to 1:1 to the US dollar. Deciding to establish a non-resident firm in the Cayman Islands, an authorized capital should be $50,000, but it is not necessary to deposit it.

Cayman Islands are popular among businessmen, who seek to enter the Chinese market. Having a desire and opportunities to open an offshore in the Cayman Islands, then it is perfect for trading in Asia, for a tax planning, for the attracting new partners/customers. IQD Consulting specialists will provide support in the establishment of the Cayman commercial enterprise. The jurisdiction is also known for the first time, that it was here, that non-resident companies were registered, and today the largest representative offices of global companies are located precisely in the territory of this jurisdiction.

The activities of companies are carried out in accordance with the law, which was based on a general English law (1960).

Advantages of this region:
  • The Cayman Islands do not belong to any of the “black lists” of tax havens and follow international tax rules. Therefore, opening a commercial organization in the Caymans means securing your business.
  • To register a commercial firm in the Cayman Islands takes 24 hours.
  • The current legislation does not impose requirements on a minimum authorized capital.
  • You can register LTD in the Caymans anonymously, using services of a nominee director and/or shareholder.
  • A proximity to the United States is a key factor encouraging you to buy a company in the Cayman Islands.
  • Cayman Islands is one of the few offshore jurisdictions, whose companies are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

But, as you know, each coin has two sides. The disadvantages of this offshore jurisdiction include agreements with 25 states on the exchange of a tax information.

It should, also, be noted, that registering an offshore in the Cayman Islands is more expensive, than opening a business in similar offshore jurisdictions.

Non-residents can acquire the land (there are no restrictions on this), but in order to acquire a part of the business (more than 40%), you need to get permissions in the Cayman Islands.

On this territory of the state it is impossible:
  • to conduct a business without a license (in banking, financial and insurance spheres);
  • to buy a real estate;
  • to take a loan from local;
  • to carry out trading activities.

Companies can issue stocks and choose names in any language. But, at the same time, it needs to be absent from the government. When data is entered into the register, the name is indicated in English.

You can familiarize yourself with a detailed guide on how to open an LTD in the Cayman Islands or turn to our specialists for help.

Why is it worth registering an offshore in the Cayman Islands?

Cayman Islands Advantages:
  • a political and the economic stability;
  • lack of a capital control (money freely comes and goes);
  • a confidentiality;
  • the access to Asian markets;
  • the access to US markets;
  • developed banking and legal sectors;
  • you can not pay taxes for 30 years;
  • you can register both offshore and partnership in the Caymans;
  • a partnership does not pay taxes 50 years;
  • the minimum reporting.
How to open an offshore in the Caymans remotely?

The most common type of company in the Cayman Islands is the Exempted Company. In addition, you can set up a partnership in the Caymans or open a foreign company in the Caymans.

The necessary package of documents for remote registration of business in the Cayman Islands:
  • a notarized copy of registration documents;
  • a certificate of good standing issued by the relevant authority;
  • a certified copy of the Charter or Memorandum of association;
  • names and addresses of directors;
  • the name of the person, who can provide services on behalf of the company
The annual fee is about 9756,1 dollars. The state fee for reviewing a license application is $609,76.

You can familiarize yourself with a detailed guide on how to open an LTD in the Cayman Islands or contact our specialists for help.

Buying an offshore in the Caymans is easy. Our staff will tell you in detail about all nuances, help to resolve this issue remotely. We will prepare all the necessary documents and quickly solve all organizational issues. A cooperation with us is always reliable, fast and convenient!

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