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Registering a company in Liberia in 2020

The main advantages of creating a business in Liberia:

  • Full foreign ownership;
  • It is possible to open a company remotely;
  • Availability of tax incentives;
  • A high level of government interest in attracting foreign investment.

Business registration – from €3900

Company registration period – from 30 days

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Liberia is a state located in the West Africa on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. It is one of the oldest countries and the first country which has proclaimed its independence in the African continent.

When planning to set up a company in Liberia and open an African bank account, please familiarize yourself with the following:

  • Liberia a member of the IBRD, ICAO, IFAD, ADB, ACP and others;
  • Capital: Monrovia;
  • 2 state languages: Liberian and English;
  • It borders with 3 countries: Côte d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone and Guinea;
  • Currency is liberian dollar (LRD);
  • Liberia is on the OECD white list.

Those, who are intended to run a business in this country, can request for personal advice on company registration procedure in Liberia from IQ Decision lawyers.

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Best uses for a Liberian company

If you want to conduct business in this jurisdiction, we propose you to consider these the most profitable options:

  • Registering a mining company in Liberia (large reserves of iron ore, gold, diamonds, rare earth elements);
  • Setting up a shipping company in Liberia;
  • Opening a Liberian agricultural company (coffee, cocoa);
  • Registering a Liberian production company (raw wood and rubber).
Business entity types and taxation

In order to register a company in Liberia remotely and open a corporate account with a Liberian bank, you can choose the following legal forms:

  • Corporation (LLC);
  • Foreign maritime entity
  • Non-resident LLC
  • LLP
  • Private Foundation.
  • IBC - offshore company

Legal form

Corporate tax

Sales tax

Share capital




500 000 USD





Non-resident LLC







500 000 USD




10 000 USD

IBC - - no requirements

IQ Decision specialists recommend that you set up a IBC company in Liberia as it can be the most advantageous solution and can be set up withour visit to Liberia

Registration requirements

If you decide to open a company in Liberia without a personal visit, you will need the following:

  • One director and shareholder of any nationality;
  • Legal registered address and registered agent (we provide);

How to start a business in Liberia

You can receive more information about this jurisdiction by asking for qualified advice on business organization process in Liberia from IQ Decision specialists.

Also, we can provide you with legal assistance in bank account opening for Liberian IBC company and legal address registration in Liberia.

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