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Massachusetts (USA)

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Registering a company in Massachusetts (USA) in 2020

Key business benefits of Massachusetts:

  • Favorable conditions for doing business in the field of medicine, finance and R&D;
  • It is possible to open a company in a free zone;
  • The authorized capital is not required;
  • Full foreign ownership;
  • Income tax is 5%;
  • Fast registration procedure.

Business registration – from €1,500

Company registration period – from 14 days

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Massachusetts is a US state in the New England region. Promising industries to register a business in Massachusetts:

  • a green energy (energy from inexhaustible, renewable sources);
  • an education (Massachusetts is an informal educational capital of the United States with a concentration of the world's leading universities and research centers);
  • a medicine (one of the highest quality, most expensive medical systems in the world, closely related to insurance);
  • a property;

In these areas the state provides grants to investors, wishing to establish a commercial enterprise in the United States (in Massachusetts in particular).

Agriculture is also developed. The industrial sector produces factory and electrical equipment, tools for research centers, publishing products. Massachusetts has developed tourism. For the economy of Massachusetts, financial services are priority.

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1 shareholder and 1 director can open a firm in Massachusetts. At the same time, persons of any residency have the right to establish a company in the USA.

The minimum authorized capital for registering a company in the United States is $1.

Thanks to the help of IQ Decision lawyers, you can quickly collect all the necessary documentation, then submit a package of constituent documents and set up the enterprise in Massachusetts remotely.

To register a company in Massachusetts in the free economic zone, use the preferences of one of the cities:
  • Boston (FTZ N27, Massachusetts Port Authority);
  • New Bedfort (FTZ N28, City of New Bedfort);
  • Springfield (FTZ N201, City of Holyoke).
In total, there are 296 such zones in America

If you opted for the United States, then do not forget about the 68 tax treaties of this jurisdiction with other countries, that regulate business in the USA and will help you to establish commercial firms in Massachusetts. The contracts stipulate, that residents, who may be foreign citizens, pay taxes, but the tax rate is much lower. Certain types of income, the list of which is also displayed in contracts, are completely exempt from tax duties. Quite often you can meet such a tax as taxable state income. This tax has been introduced in many regions of the United States (locally). If you still have questions about taxation in Massachusetts, seek advice from an international lawyer of IQ Decision. Our lawyers will also help you to choose the optimal taxation system (depending on the state) and help to avoid double taxation in case of registering a commercial company in Massachusetts.

A taxation depends on a legal form, in which you decide to set up a company in Massachusetts:


MM LLC (Multi Member)

LLC managed by a single entity

Company purchase

LLC in a free economic zone




a corporate tax









withholding tax rate on payments to foreign shareholders








In order to open a corporate account with a US bank remotely, we also recommend contacting IQ Decision specialists for help. Use the contacts listed on the site.

The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication. Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.


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