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Support in company registration in Nauru in 2020

Key benefits of doing business in this jurisdiction:

  • A high level of confidentiality;
  • A limited liability of shareholders;
  • Foreign companies are not taxed;
  • No requirements for annual financial reporting and auditing;
  • No requirements for a minimum authorized capital;
  • 100% foreign ownership.

Support in company registration is from €1 400

Approximate terms of company registration isfrom 2 days

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* Only registered persons have access to information on beneficiaries / directors

The Republic of Nauru is a Pacific island, the smallest world parliamentary republic. A currency of Nauru is an Australian dollar.

To engage in activities in this jurisdiction, you need to open a bank account in the Republic of Nauru.

You can register an IBC in Nauru or an international company.

This jurisdiction has fairly loyal laws, there are no obstacles to open a business in Nauru. For some types of commercial organizations (trusts, financial, insurance, reinsurance business) you need to obtain a license in the Republic of Nauru.

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IQD Consulting experts note, that firms with foreign founders cannot have own real estate on the island and cannot trade with local enterprises.

You have made a choice and decided to open a commercial enterprise in Nauru, we will consider benefits, that will be available to you in the near future:

  • A full foreign property;
  • No of taxes. Taxpayers in the United States and other large countries must display all revenues to the responsible tax authority;
  • Shareholders are responsible for the property of the company;
  • A confidentiality: laws of the country undertake to keep all information regarding your business (names, passwords, accounts, etc.) secret. Disclosure of confidential information can only be done as a result of a court decision arising from an authorized investigation;
  • A registration takes 2 days;
  • Initial capital investments are optional (although IQD Consulting experts point out, that foreign beneficiaries contribute $1,000).
  • No reports.
Requirements for those, who decide to establish an enterprise in Nauru
  • IBC must register the name of the future enterprise, which differs from the trade names already on the island. The name of the company is allowed to be registered in any language, but an English translation is a prerequisite;
  • A trade name must end with "IBC";
  • 1 shareholder/director is required (residency does not matter);
  • You must sign of the Charter and the Memorandum;
  • If you do not have a local office at your disposal, you must conclude a contract with a local agent whose office can be used as an address;

If you want to register a commercial firm in Nauru remotely, or you decide to open a bank account in Nauru, IQD Consulting qualified specialists will provide you with advice on opening a bank account in Nauru, and advise how to start a business in Nauru without any extra costs.

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