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New Hampshire (USA)

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Registering a company in New Hampshire (USA) in 2020

Benefits of establishing a business in New Hampshire:

  • Favorable conditions for registering a mining, pharmaceutical or an IT company;
  • The authorized capital is not required;
  • It is possible to open a business in a free economic zone;
  • A minimum set of documents is required.

Business registration – from €1,750

Company registration period – from 14 days

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The state of New Hampshire located on the Atlantic coast, between Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont, as well as Canada. The largest metropolis is Manchester, but the administrative center is Concord.

The state was nicknamed granite due to the abundance of this resource, as well as gravel and sand.

You can establish a company in New Hampshire in one of such areas:
  • The state is popular for skiing and rafting;
  • the rental and the leasing of real estate;
  • a coaching, a support, financial services;
  • social services;
  • a medicine;
  • a trade;
  • IT.
You can start a business in the industrial sector of New Hampshire in the following areas:
  • a paper and pulp production (including paper ecological packages);
  • obtaining energy from renewable resources (wind power plants, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power stations);
  • a production of rubber and plastic products;
  • a metal processing, a machine manufacturing;
  • optical instruments, electronics;
  • components for high-tech devices (medical, aerospace).
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Tax conditions

Taxes in America allow you to legally take into account in tax reports virtually any expense, that directly or indirectly affects the business. It is also beneficial to register a company in New Hampshire due to the absence of a sales tax (similar to VAT). This applies to all legal forms of incorporation, whichever you choose (LLC in New Hampshire, FZ LLC, PLC, LLP, individual entrepreneurship SP, corporation (S-Corp/С-Corp) or RO).

A corporate tax on companies is 7,70%.

The total federal tax is 21%.

An income tax for individuals is 5%: the state has only taxes on dividends and interest.

A property tax is subject to a municipal control.

In order to establish an enterprise in New Hampshire, the following conditions must be met:
  • to register a U.S. unique trademark;
  • 1 or several directors and shareholders of any residency can register a company in New Hampshire (legal or physical persons);
  • a local agent is needed to communicate with administrative authorities;

You will also need to enter information about the company in an open registry and to open an account with a US bank.

IQD Consulting lawyers will help you to set up a commercial firm in New Hampshire remotely, as well as to provide intermediary services, how to draw up documents, how to obtain a business license in the USA, to open a corporate account in America, and the company will help you to develop the constituent documents necessary for registering a company.

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